Bob Reina I had a dream that archaic forms of technology could still be used for a modern-day world. His vision to repurpose technology has allowed him to create a company from the ground up, focusing on marketing, advertising and everything in between. The name of Reina’s company is Talk Fusion and was created for the entrepreneur in mind. While it is centered on entrepreneurial purposes, that does not mean that businesses and individuals cannot take advantage of the innovative and unique products that Talk Fusion makes available. An example of the chief product that Talk Fusion has for purchasing is an email video chat interface system. The way that the system operates is simple, you start writing an email in whatever browser you choose, and the option to video call the contact you were writing to appears on your screen. Once you click on the button and make the choice to make a call it begins dialing the individual who you are emailing, if they answer then you can start a face-to-face conversation with them. All this might not seem very useful considering you are already sending them an email, for business purposes, this is great, as you can start a meeting with the individual and in the future even possibly a group of people based upon how many contacts you were trying to communicate with. Face-to-face communication such as video chat systems makes it easy for people who are in the workplace to easily build relationships and team-building skills. Outside of the business world, this system is still useful, as it allows you to communicate openly and have conversations with people while you type to them. Beyond this scope, in the educational world, this would be an excellent tool to use in order for you to perform tutoring duties with students who may live very far away.


The secondary purpose for Talk Fusion is the ability for its customers to make income while they are communicating. The idea is that each time that you use the chat interface to talk to someone while you are writing an email you have the possibility of earning some extra money on the side. The way that this works is pretty simple, you click the make call button in video chat and while you are talking you are about to earn small bits of money. Learn more: