President Trump’s negative usage of the name Pocahontas at the White House in a recent ceremony to honor Native American code talkers (Navajo, Comanche, Hopi, and Meskwaki Natives who enlisted in the U.S. Military and spoke a special code, originally developed by 29 Navajo, which allowed us to send and receive unbreakable messages) has seriously ruffled some feathers across the Nation. His child-like insult, which was aimed in actually at Sen. Elizabeth Warren (who allegedly claimed to have Native American heritage), came off as daunting and down right disrespectful to people of Native American decent, and to say the least it was much less than honorable.

Apparently it is not the first time that Trump has used this particular slur against the Senator either, and more importantly insulted the already belittled legacy of Pocahontas. Several months ago while delivering a speech to the National Rifle Association he used the term, in a similar fashion as he did during the Oval Office ceremony in November, once again referring to Sen. Warren in a negative light by referring to her as a waste of time and naming her Pocahontas. Perhaps if President Trump was aware of the actual plight of the Native American child who was basically kidnapped and sexually abused by Europeans(nothing at all like the romanticized Disney movie has portrayed – she later died more than likely from sexually transmitted diseases), he would not be so quick to add insult to injury.

Whispers have circulated around the internet that these comments are due in part as retaliation to the recent Native American movement to block an extremely lucrative oil pipeline which directly violated their rights by crossing over one of their protected reservations and threatening to taint their water supply. The Trump administration ignored the historical protest and allowed the construction to continue.