The Israel ambassador to Britain made a statement by visiting Bradford city. It was a statement aimed at showing that he was committed to improving the relationships between the two countries.

The visit came after the MP of Bradford West, George Galloway, declared the city an Israel free zone. Information released by the Telegraph & Argus indicated that Daniel Taub visited the town after he received invitations from members of the community.

He used the opportunity to hold a series of meetings with the city councilors, religious leaders, and other community leaders. The invitations came after the controversial comments made by Galloway. In a statement, the MP said that the city should become free from Israeli academics, tourists, services, or goods from their country. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

According to Daniel Taub, his impression about Bradford city is one filled with different attitudes and opinions. It represented something opposite from the beliefs promoted by Galloway. While talking to the Telegraph, he said that the sense he felt from the short visit was one that exhibited no voice of exclusion as presented by Galloway.

Instead, the people were welcoming and had a voice of inclusion. Taub said that it’s an important model for people from different faiths and backgrounds to live and work together as brothers and sisters. On the other hand, adopting such a model in the region results in economic growth and positive social impact. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

The British police are conducting an investigation on the MP over the speech. After its publication, it caused an outcry on all social media platforms. The statement referred Israel as illegal, barbarous, and a savage state. Therefore, he encouraged the people of Bradford to reject Israeli goods, academics, and shun Israeli tourists.

Daniel Taub sent a message through the Telegraph to the MP. He said that the real conflict was not between the Sunni and Shia but between the past and the future. Taub also added that political leaders should not work towards delivering the people to the past but steer them to the future.

Galloway has publicly declared his anti-Israel conspiracy theories. Daniel Taub visit to the city was arranged amid tight security. While addressing the Telegraph, he said he visited the city after the invitation from the community.

The invite sent a clear message to Galloway. His words didn’t represent the people of Bradford. Additionally, Taub said that he doesn’t believe that the voice of George Galloway is the voice of the people of Bradford city.

One of the most enduring and ongoing struggles for Native Americans living in a dominant-white society is maintaining cultural identity. A major marker of Native American self-perception is long hair, often braided or knotted, worn by both men and women.

For indigenous peoples, long hair is statement of strength and power.

But young natives in mostly white schools are facing pressure from bullies and the self-appointed “fashion police” among the youth. Native Americans in large numbers report they are being persecuted for maintaining long, braided hair.

It was once U.S. policy that Native American children were not to allowed to speak their own language, dress in traditional style – and that hair must be cropped short. The ruling elites of just a few decades ago realized that when you cut off an Indian’s hair, you force him or her to “fit in” and accept second-class status.

But now, thanks to a Facebook page called “Boys With Braids” a bona fide social movement has caught fire. It supports the right and explains the significance of long, braided hair. The site was established by a member of the Cree Nation, Michael Linklater.

The Boys With Braids movement quickly spread to states with large Native American populations, especially California, Michigan, New Mexico, Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota. It has also spread across Canada.

Boys With Braids in about far more than hair. The groups conducts meetings, throws parties, conducts seminars and has become a central rallying point for Native youth to accept who they are and wear it with pride, including long hair.