Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that has recently expanded into China. They have recently launched multiple products as a prominent brand overseas. Lime Crime has developed a new formula for selling in Asian markets. From past experience, their executives explained the techniques needed to enter the emerging market.

One thing that has made a big difference in the public perception of LimeCrime cosmetics was their decision to not test on animals. This was mandated in China, but due to the vegan ingredients and make up essential products, they were forced to ship from the United States alone.

Another challenge in Chinese markets was transportation and logistics. The taxes that were due when importing the goods made a significant difference in what was possible for a long time. Counterfeit merchandise was another complication that made it difficult to enter the space. With creative promotion and advertising, they were able to achieve a lot despite these set backs.

One way Lime Crime bridged this gap was by working with a partner e-commerce shop, Revolve. The similarity in consumer perspectives and interests between these two companies facilitated their relationship and helped draw consistency among the mutual consumer base.

Using the web based platform, Revolve was designated as the official place to get Lime Crime products. It was a great way to establish a precedence about where to find them, and helped audiences overseas get excited about upcoming products well in advance. Creating a buzz was easy using these simple and straightforward techniques.

Another strategy that was well executed, related to the influences who were selected to receive their products. People who were known but not necessarily A-list were chosen in order to give customers a unique and passionate perspective on each of the products. The results were great, because of the timely and attentive way that influencers shared their experiences with the brand.

They explained that their focus was to create and distribute content that appeared consistently in line with their brand. This was greatly achieved even before entering the market in China and had astounding results. Ultimately, Lime Crime attributes their success in the Asian markets to the use of key influences and create promotion strategies.