In 2016, Montana decided to expand Medicaid. More Native Americans have been able to get health care over thanks to the expansion of Medicaid. More health services have been added to Tribal Health Services including dental care and physical therapy. Before the expansion of Medicaid, healthcare services were limited. The services at the clinics will now be covered by Medicaid.

Whiting Sorrell is director of operations for Tribal Health Services. She stated that the expansion of Medicaid has many benefits. Not only are more people able to get the care that they need, but the healthcare providers are now able to bill for the services. The money that they make will be invested back into the clinic.

Native Americans make up about 15 percent of the people who are covered by Medicaid. The entire cost of Native American health care will be covered by Medicaid. Ninety-five percent of other people’s healthcare costs will be covered by Medicaid.

Thousands of Native Americans have declined getting healthcare because of the high cost of it. People work really hard, but there are not a lot of high-paying jobs in Montana. However, not having a high-paying job does not mean that you should not mean that you cannot get healthcare.

Patients who attend community health centers have also benefited from Medicaid. Michelle Nail-Noftsinger works at the Flathead Community Health Center. She stated that only 30 percent of patients who went to the clinic were covered by Medicaid. Today, 70 percent of patients are covered.