President Trump has done many controversial things since he took office. However, one of his planned actions that is generating a huge uproar is his desire to shrink two of the most sacred Native American national monuments located in Utah. The two that will be targeted are the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears monuments. President Obama signed a monument proclamation which protected these areas. However, Trump is seeking to overturn this so that much of this sacred land can be utilized for the purpose of drilling for gas and oil.

There are five Native American nations that have already announced publicly that they will sue the United States government if the land of these national monuments is taken away from them. Many legal experts have been skeptical of Trump’s power to reduce the size of national monuments that are already protected. No president in modern history has attempted something like this. Therefore, it is a commonly held belief that the Native Americans will prevail if this ever goes to court.

These national monuments contain many places that are historically significant. There are Native American burial sites and cave dwellings. There is also artwork that dates back 500 years or more. Therefore, the land is not just important to Native Americans. People who are against the shrinking of these national monuments feel that they are an important piece of the history of this country. More info will be released about Trump’s plan in the near future. It remains to be seen if he will change his mind.

Bernardo Chua is a businessman and entrepreneur who was born in the Philippines. His specialty lies in the world of multi-level marketing, an industry in which he has decade of experience. He started out in this industry when he joined Gano Excel as a top executive.

Under his leadership this company expanded their market beyond the Philippines and into Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada.

In order to further expand Gano Excel’s revenues in the United States, Bernardo Chua emigrated to the United States and found a home in California. He was named the president of Gano Excel U.S.A. After running this company for a number of years he decided to found his own company. The result was he moved to Canada and founded Organo Gold in 2008.

Since that time his company has rapidly grown and now sells its products in a large number of countries around the world. Organo Gold’s products are sold through a network of independent distributors who earn a commission on each sale they make.  Read more: Bernardo Chua Recommends Grapeseed Oil As The Next Big Healthy Supplement

The products that Organo Gold sell are teas and coffees. What differentiates it from other suppliers of these beverages is that Bernardo Chua has included an Asian mushroom called Ganoderma in them. This mushroom is believed to have several health benefits and so people drink these teas and coffees in order to feel and perform better.

During the course of his career Chua has received several honors. Among these is winning the Napoleon Hill Foundation Gold Medal which he was awarded due to his ability to motivate others in the world of business.

Another coveted award he received was the Dangal ng Bayan award. This was presented to him on a special visit to his home country, The Philippines. The award is given to business people from the Philippines who have found great success on the international business stage.

During this same award ceremony, Chua’s company Organo gold was also presented with two People’s Choice Awards. The first was for being recognized as the best gourmet coffee while the second was due to Organo Gold being recognized as the best network marketing company in the world.

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When it comes to iconic figures, cancer research is home to one of the most iconic individuals in society today. This guy is well-accomplished, is well-educated and has an impressive track record that spans for more than 30 years. Dr. Clay Siegall is the man of the hour, and he has saved thousands of lives via advanced cancer medications. These medications juts so happen to be some of the most advanced medications in history, especially when it comes to fighting cancer. These are targeted treatments, which attacks cancerous cells in the body. Once attached, the medications begin to destroy the cancerous cells without harming any of the good cells. It doesn’t get more innovative than this.

Siegall just so happens to be the company’s chief executive officer, its president and one of its founders. Seattle Genetics started out as a small startup company, but now it’s a leading powerhouse in the fight against cancer. Siegall’s influence can’t be disputed and it can’t be denied thanks to the principles of rigorous research, drug development and scientific innovation. The guy has a huge heart, which is being displayed on a daily basis. Dr. Clay Siegall’s accomplishments are:

  • Author of 70 Publications
  • Has A B.S. in Zoology
  • Holder of 15 Patents
  • Has A Ph.D in Genetics
  • And numerous others

This only scratches the surface of what this man has achieved. On top of that, Siegall has worked with pharmaceutical giants such as Genentech, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. By securing licensing deals with these heavy-weights, the company’s drugs can be distributed on a global level. Over 65 countries benefit from Seattle Genetics’ antibody-drug conjugates. Is there anything this man can’t do? Well, that is the million-dollar question even though these progressive drugs have brought in over $350 million.


When it comes to getting help with anxiety or depression, it is something that people need now and they need it as soon as they can get it. If they have to wait for someone or if they have to deal with a waiting list, it might be too late for them. There is a real lack of funds and a real lack of understanding in the mental health community. That is why Talkspace, a new technology app is hoping to change the mental health game for the better. They have bedside manner that is second to none. They truly care about their patients as well and it shows in how they treat them.

A lot of people are a little scared to get help for mental health related issues. They feel as though other people out there will judge them, criticize them, look at them differently, or think there is something wrong with them. That is not the case, at all. It is the same as if someone is suffering from diabetes or any other type of illness that prevents them from having the quality of life they would like to have on a daily basis. With Talkspace, they can have a therapist over text, video, or even over the phone.

For a lot of people, they are a little scared and a little shy and because of this, they are scared to get the help they need so they go without help. That is not the answer. There is no one over at Talkspace that is going to treat him or her any differently or judge him or her. This is a judge-free zone and they can get the proper treatment plan in place and start to finally live again. It is incredibly affordable, easy to use, and it really works wonders for people.