For many folks out there, the contributions made by the Navajo Code Talkers to World War II are not well known in U.S. history. Recently, President Donald Trump invited three of the 13 surviving code talker veterans to the White House and U.S. Capitol for a special event honoring their service.

The code talkers played a significant role during times of war when they were recruited by the U.S. Marines and deployed to send messages between units. Their success came about by speaking in their native language, something most people could never decipher.

President Trump made a misstep after the program by lobbing an insult about Pocahontas and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and her alleged Native American heritage. The code talkers ignored the reference.

Many Native Americans have seen this as a proud moment for being on the world stage and honored as true American heroes. And today, those from Navajo Nation are pleased that the White House is behind the strong movement to establish support for a Navajo Code Talker Museum and Veterans Center near Window Rock, Arizona to preserve and pass on the incredible legacy and language of these resilient people.

The Navajo Code Talkers museum proposal has been designed by architects who envision a campus containing four building elements: the Museum, the Clinic, the Veterans Center and a Long-Term Care complex. Four gardens would be established along the route, and these restful spots for visitors would represent the four worlds of the Navajo Origin Story.