Perhaps not enough of us stop to think about how our own holidays are viewed through the lens of other people. One important thing to stop and think about for example is how Native Americans view the holiday of Thanksgiving.

A lot of people believe that Thanksgiving is a happy and fun day for all people, but that is not the case. For Native Americans, the day is one to remember and mourn the dead says Newsweek.

To Native American people, the holiday is born out of a lie. They refer to it as “Mourning Day” or “Unthanksgiving Day”. They remember the terrible crimes that were committed against their people by the European settlers who came and took their land by force.

Many horrible things have happened to Native American people throughout the decades, and it is therefore easy to see why they still often feel scorn at the holidays created by modern-day America to celebrate a time that was so truly awful to them.

Perhaps the biggest insult of all is that so many do not realize what an offense the holiday is to the Native American people. Many treat it as nothing more than a holiday to drown oneself in turkey, stuffing, and yams. However, it is truly a day that marks a very dark period in the history of the United States. The Native American people still have not forgotten all that they were put through during that time. Perhaps it is time that more of us remembered this aspect of things as well.