Highland Capital Management has, since the time that it was established, been known for their amazing work that they do as being an SEC-registered investment advisor. The company, with the added help of their affiliates, have been able to accumulate well more than $15.4 million in assets. All of these accomplishments, however, would never have been possible without James Dondero and Mark Okada, who both happen of came together in 1993 to have established the company. Read this article at investopedia.com.

Since the company was first founded, they have been able to make the company widely known all over the world. The title that they are most proud of being known by is being the most experienced and the largest global alternative credit managers. Some of the company’s specialties happen to include, collateralized loan obligations, credit strategies, and many more services. Seoul, Singapore, New York and Sao Paolo all happen to be areas where Highland Capital Management has main offices. However, their headquarters happens to be located in Dallas, Texas. Visit hcp.com to know more.

The community is always one of the things that Highland Capital always strives to make a top priority. They achieve this goal by doing more than just financial markets. Instead, they take the communities that their employees live in and work at and they take them and invest in any way they can. Most of the time they like to invest with more than just money but instead with advisory involvement and by volunteering. Since 2005 their company has proudly been able to donate well over $10 million across the world to tons of different organizations.

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The non-profit Indian Pueblo Cultural Center in Albuquerque is currently hosting the 38th Annual Native American Student Art Show. The two-month-long exhibition showcases the finest Native art from Pueblo students across New Mexico. Submissions are open to Pueblo students from kindergarten to 12th grade, and awards based on age and medium are given by a jury. In addition to regular awards, the jury also gives out a Best in Show Award to a deserving student.

Held every year since 1979, the Native American Student Art Show has been located at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center since its first year. Each year, students are given a theme to base their artwork around. For the 38th edition of the art show, the selected theme was the power of storytelling. The jury presented 9 first-place awards for paintings, drawings, three dimensional artwork and mixed media creations. Leanna Lauis, a 16-year old student, won the Best in Show Award for her work in the mixed media category.

Winners and runners-up will display their work at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center’s Artists Circle Gallery until January 5, 2018. Selected works will be available for purchase with all profits going towards the young artists.

The Native American Student Art Show is just one of the many Native American cultural events that the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center throws each year. They also host the Annual Albuquerque American Indian Arts Festival every October. The festival coincides with Albuquerque’s International Balloon Fiesta and features curated Native handicrafts and traditional dancing from Zuni and Jemez Pueblos.

There has been a lot of talk over the past couple of years about the name of the Washington Redskins NFL team. Many people believe the name is racially insensitive and should be done away with. Many members of the media have echoed those sentiments and called for the name to be changed. However, Redskins owner Dan Snyder has been very firm about his commitment to keep the name. He has shown no indication that he will cave into the pressure from Native Americans any time soon.

A group of activists made up of Native Americans recently took matters into their own hands. They created a very elaborate and convincing fake news campaign on social media that said the Redskins were going to officially change their name to the Washington Redhawks. The social media posts were so detailed that many people were fooled into thinking they were real. This included many major media outlets. The activists went so far as to make a website and a Twitter account for the fictional team. The fake news campaign created quite a stir and brought attention back to the issue of the Redskins name. This had not been covered by the media at all this season because of the massive uproar surrounding players kneeling during the national anthem.

It remains to be seen it this fake news campaign will succeed in getting the national debate started once again regarding the Redskins name. However, it remains clear that many Native Americans are not prepared to forget about this issue.

Many people thought the debate over the name of the Washington Redskins ended this past June. It was in that month the United States Supreme Court made a landmark ruling involving a rock band called The Slants. The court ruled that even though the name of the rock band was offensive to some people, the band could not be denied a trademark for their name. This ruling also allowed the Washington Redskins to keep their name by essentially ending legal options for opponents.

Notwithstanding the events above, something fascinating happened this week. On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, several websites suddenly appeared on the Internet advertising an exclusive story about the Washington Redskins. The websites contained professionally appearing articles stating that the Washington Redskins had finally bowed to public pressure, and the team would now be called the Washington Redhawks.

It didn’t take long for people to realize the articles were fake. However, the articles demonstrated a new method of activism used by Native Americans and their allies in the football team debate. Sebastian Medina-Tayac, one of the organizers behind the websites, said, “The point of this was to start the conversation again.” He continued, “We wanted to make it immediate and urgent by allowing people to imagine a world where that mascot is gone, the name is changed and see how people react to it.” In other words, he decided to help the public visualize the change.

What do you think about this new tactic being used by Native Americans? Let us know below!

Organizations have begun no longer providing employees with stock options. Some organizations do it to save money, while others do it for more complex reasons. One of the main reasons for eliminating them is options create massive accounting burdens for company accountants. Another main reason is that a sudden drop in value turns these options worthless and not allow time for employees to sell off their options.


Options do have benefits. As stock options are tied to the company’s value, it causes workers to find creative ways of working harder and increasing the share value. Stock options are tax free, which saves money for the company. For those still interested in providing options, Jeremy Goldstein suggests the knockout options. Knockout options are very similar to their counterparts, they have same vesting requirements and time limit. With knockout options, employees lose them when the value drops below a certain value. By offering knockout options, shareholder investors do not face threat of option overhang. Options are a better form of compensation in comparison to pay raises and equities because they are easy for employees to understand. The compensation is the same all across the board.


Knockout options eliminate the obstacles tied to stock-based compensation. Jeremy Goldstein believes company executives need to meet with auditors to discuss in detail giving these options to employees. Goldstein refers companies to wait six months before awarding new options, because if they do not it may lead to a negative impact on their quarterly financial statement. Companies who want to continue to give employees options, will get the best deal by choosing the right strategy, which Goldstein can guide you on. The companies also have to find the right way to minimize overhang and ongoing costs. Learn more: https://corpgov.law.harvard.edu/contributor/jeremy-goldstein/


Companies who are looking for insight into business financial issues such as corporate governance and executive compensation, turn to Jeremy Goldstein. Jeremy Goldstein is the co-founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein and Associates, which is a boutique law firm that was founded in 2014 and specializes in corporate governance and executive pay. His business experience spans over 15 years. He has been influential in several major corporate transactions that have involved many high profile companies such as UTC, Duke Energy, Chevron, Verizon. Jeremy Goldstein serves on the board of several organizations including the nonprofit Fountain House. Jeremy Goldstein continues to help companies both big and small grow, when it comes to dealing with employee benefits.

In 2016, Montana decided to expand Medicaid. More Native Americans have been able to get health care over thanks to the expansion of Medicaid. More health services have been added to Tribal Health Services including dental care and physical therapy. Before the expansion of Medicaid, healthcare services were limited. The services at the clinics will now be covered by Medicaid.

Whiting Sorrell is director of operations for Tribal Health Services. She stated that the expansion of Medicaid has many benefits. Not only are more people able to get the care that they need, but the healthcare providers are now able to bill for the services. The money that they make will be invested back into the clinic.

Native Americans make up about 15 percent of the people who are covered by Medicaid. The entire cost of Native American health care will be covered by Medicaid. Ninety-five percent of other people’s healthcare costs will be covered by Medicaid.

Thousands of Native Americans have declined getting healthcare because of the high cost of it. People work really hard, but there are not a lot of high-paying jobs in Montana. However, not having a high-paying job does not mean that you should not mean that you cannot get healthcare.

Patients who attend community health centers have also benefited from Medicaid. Michelle Nail-Noftsinger works at the Flathead Community Health Center. She stated that only 30 percent of patients who went to the clinic were covered by Medicaid. Today, 70 percent of patients are covered.

As the end of 2017 is looming on the horizon, many people are planning how and where to ring in or welcome in 2018. Ironically, for most people who live in the portion of the world known as the United States of America, New Year’s Day arrives as the clock strikes 12P.M., but Native Americans welcome the new year near the end of January or the very first part of February.

One tribe in Oregon greets the new year with dancing, singing, worshiping and eating special foods such as salmon and deer. To this day, the Hopi tribe does buffalo dances and has frequent prayer time gatherings in the longhouse to appease the gods during the Winter Solstice.

Cherokee tribes many of which reside along the east coast of North America observe a Great New Moon Ceremony for 12 or 13 day cycles beginning in mid-December. It is interesting to note that the final segment of this cycle is commemorated with the hanging lists of new year’s wishes on the branches of a tree which is set up indoors as a decoration and form of appeasement for their gods. It is fascinating to see how this tradition has passed down through the generations even to ours.

How many Americans realize that the use of noise makers and masks while dancing or parading through the streets of town to welcome in the new year was originally done by members of the Iroquois tribe long before New York City came into existence. They also made sure that all debts or favors owed were settled before time for the celebration to begin.

Michel Terpins knows what it takes to be a great racer. He has always been someone who knows what he is doing and that’s part of how he could have made all the right decisions in the racing industry. Since he knew what he could do, he also knew what he could make out of the different situations he worked in. Michel Terpins was dedicated to the racing industry and he also knew his family was always going to stand behind him while he was racing. It was part of how he was able to make the right choices and do the right things while he was working on different racecar opportunities. For Michel Terpins, this was a big part of who he was and how he could help people. Through the various options he had, Michel Terpins knew his family was an important part of the entire process.

While Michel Terpins spent a lot of time racing, he also spent a lot of time enjoying different things with his family. He had learned from them the right way to understand different situations and that’s part of how he was able to bring attention to people who were in various industries. Michel Terpins always did the best job possible so he could make things easier for his family and they supported him in all the things he had done as a racecar driver. It was part of what gave him the motivation to keep working toward more opportunities.

Now that Michel Terpins is working to race even more than he was before, he is using the help of his brother to give back to the community. He and his brother have been racing the T-Rex for several years. They are just as good together as they were apart and that’s what made them part of who they are today. The team works hard and wins a lot of races together. They make a great team because of their excellent communication skills and their desire to be winners together. They know what it takes and aren’t worried about others who they are competing against.

In some states in our nation, the life expectancy for Native Americans can be two-decade less than other demographic groups. The reasons for this phenomenon are many.

Chief amongst these reasons is that health care programs for Native Americans have been continuously underfunded by the United States Congress. In addition to this, approximately 25% of native Americans reported feelings being discriminated by health care professionals according to an NPR survey.

Hidatsa tribe member Margaret Moss is a nurse that has worked for Indian Health Services as well as other systems. Moss explains that she has seen racism toward Native Americans in the healthcare industry both while at work and while performing her duties as a mom seeking medical attention for her own children. Moss is now a nursing instructor at the University Of Buffalo.

Native Americans taking part in the NPR poll also expressed that this discrimination is much more prevalent where the population of Native Americans is highest.

The high poverty rates and lack of insurance that is experienced by many Native Americans make it very difficult to attain healthcare treatment outside of the Indian Health Services. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that many Native Americans live in rural areas that do not provide many healthcare alternatives.

More on the plight of Native Americans and the Healthcare system can be seen at NPR.

President Trump has done many controversial things since he took office. However, one of his planned actions that is generating a huge uproar is his desire to shrink two of the most sacred Native American national monuments located in Utah. The two that will be targeted are the Grand Staircase-Escalante and Bears Ears monuments. President Obama signed a monument proclamation which protected these areas. However, Trump is seeking to overturn this so that much of this sacred land can be utilized for the purpose of drilling for gas and oil.

There are five Native American nations that have already announced publicly that they will sue the United States government if the land of these national monuments is taken away from them. Many legal experts have been skeptical of Trump’s power to reduce the size of national monuments that are already protected. No president in modern history has attempted something like this. Therefore, it is a commonly held belief that the Native Americans will prevail if this ever goes to court.

These national monuments contain many places that are historically significant. There are Native American burial sites and cave dwellings. There is also artwork that dates back 500 years or more. Therefore, the land is not just important to Native Americans. People who are against the shrinking of these national monuments feel that they are an important piece of the history of this country. More info will be released about Trump’s plan in the near future. It remains to be seen if he will change his mind.