A routine photo op with Navajo code talkers morphed into a strange situation a few days ago. When President Trump referred to Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahantas”, the Navajo code talkers clearly seemed uncomfortable. After all, this team of heroes was not accustomed to becoming embroiled in a strange political drama. For years, the group has managed to stay above the fray and enjoy recognition for the astonishing feats they were able to pull off during World War II.

It was back in the early days of World War II that the Navajo language was suggested as a solution. Since it is not a written language, there was no chance that enemies could find it somewhere and study it. There are also nuances to the Navajo language that make it extremely difficult for a new person to understand. With tonal qualities and syntax that really aren’t found anywhere else, this language would end up providing a key to the Untied States.

In 1942, the United States armed forces finally staged tests with the language, determining that Navajo code talkers could decipher a three-line code in a matter of seconds. Meanwhile, a machine would take approximately a half-hour to break down the same exact code. The code talkers would go on to enjoy tremendous success, and it is believed that the U.S. would not have been able to take Iwo Jima without their assistance.

Navajo Nation Council Delegate Amber Kanazbah Crotty blasted President Trump following a November 27th White House ceremony honoring Navajo code talkers. The three elderly Navajos being honored had assisted the U.S. Marine Corp. in developing a secret code during World War II that saved countless lives. Their exploits were memorialized in the 2002 movie Windtalkers.

During the ceremony, Trump made a disparaging quip about Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) calling her “Pocahontas,” referring to Warren’s disputed claim to Native American heritage. Trump said the Navajo’s ancestors had been here long ago while implying Warren’s claims of similar ancestry were false.

Crotty’s statement said that Trump’s “careless” comment exposed his “deep-seated ignorance of Native Americans.” She also said the reference to Pocahontas disregarded her experience as a “sexual assault survivor” as a result of colonization. Crotty said the historical Pocahontas symbolized the ongoing victimization of Native American women and children.

Trump’s comment was called “problematic,” “reckless” and “deeply offensive.” Crotty concluded by stating the Navajo code talkers aren’t pawns to be used in a personal grudge and were dishonored as national heroes by such pandering. The Navajo code talkers should be honored and respected.

Later in the day, Warren fired back concerning Trump’s comment, saying she was a victim of a “racial slur.”

Thomas Begay, one of the three Navajo code talkers honored by Trump, was later reported to be “puzzled” by Trump’s comment but not offended. Begay said, “The Marines made us yell ‘Geronimo’ when we jumped out of planes and that didn’t offend me either.”

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Native Americans have a long and difficult history with the United States government. All too often, Native Americans have been pushed aside, abused, and put through terrible pain all for the advancement of some cause that mattered to the government of the United States. The President using a racially insensitive slur at an event meant to honor Native Americans is just the latest disgrace.

The LA Times reports that the President made reference to his offensive nickname for Senator Elizabeth Warren. He referred to her as “Pocahontas” in a continuing use of the name that is meant to demean the Native American ancestor of the Senator from Massachusetts. This time, he did so in front of a room of Native Americans who were being honored for their courage in helping the US military during World War II.

It was an event that should have been focused on the courage of those Native Americans who were code talkers during World War II. Instead, it got turned into just the latest circus of the President’s making when he made the conversation about Senator Warren’s heritage.

Numerous Native American advocacy groups have denounced what the President said as a result. The National Congress of American Indians and the Alliance of Colonial Era Tribes both came out with harsh critiques of what the President said at the event. They want to see their people respected in the way that they should be, particularly at an event meant to honor their contributions to the country.

Perhaps not enough of us stop to think about how our own holidays are viewed through the lens of other people. One important thing to stop and think about for example is how Native Americans view the holiday of Thanksgiving.

A lot of people believe that Thanksgiving is a happy and fun day for all people, but that is not the case. For Native Americans, the day is one to remember and mourn the dead says Newsweek.

To Native American people, the holiday is born out of a lie. They refer to it as “Mourning Day” or “Unthanksgiving Day”. They remember the terrible crimes that were committed against their people by the European settlers who came and took their land by force.

Many horrible things have happened to Native American people throughout the decades, and it is therefore easy to see why they still often feel scorn at the holidays created by modern-day America to celebrate a time that was so truly awful to them.

Perhaps the biggest insult of all is that so many do not realize what an offense the holiday is to the Native American people. Many treat it as nothing more than a holiday to drown oneself in turkey, stuffing, and yams. However, it is truly a day that marks a very dark period in the history of the United States. The Native American people still have not forgotten all that they were put through during that time. Perhaps it is time that more of us remembered this aspect of things as well.

Quite often, the history of a civilization or culture is buried deep within the ground. Such is the case with much of Native American history. In Damariscotta, Maine, there is a grassy bluff located on the banks of a tidal river. For many lifetimes, Native Americans deposited oyster shells on these banks of the river. Now, hidden beneath the grass, these shells reveal the history and location of people who lived and died thousands of years ago.

The best-known site for shell heaps in Maine is the Whaleback Shell Midden State Historic Site. Another name for a midden is a refuse heap. Midden sites have been able to preserve artifacts extremely well because of the alkaline calcium deposited by the buried substance. Artifacts, many, have decomposed over the years under acidic soil conditions. Middens often hold clues to how ancient people lived. Preserved artifacts can also help scientists gain a better understanding of historical climatic conditions.

A study of cultural history allows people to gain a better understanding of the differences and similarities as compared to other cultures. This also helps a person to understand who they are in the context of ethnic groups, religion, language, race, and history. People are still discovering nuances of Native American culture, along with its impact on the American landscape. In the meantime, Maine continues to give up its historical secrets about Native American life.

Recently, Rocky Mountain Park officials met with representatives of several Native American groups to discuss ways the park can increase communications with indigenous peoples as well as representation of those people within the park.

Native American groups from University of Colorado, including the Center of the American West and the Center for Native American Indigenous Studies, as well as other students, met with park representatives to open the lines of communication.

One of the sentiments expressed by Native Americans was what the groups wanted visitors to Rocky Mountain Park to know about the land and how to tell that story. This could add depth to the way that visitors to the park interact with the land. Among the tribes that have lived in the area before it became Rocky Mountain Park are the Ute, Arapaho, Cheyenne, and Comanche.

Max Bear, director of the Culture and Heritage Program and the Tribal Historic Preservation Office for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes in Oklahoma, expressed gratitude that lines of communication have opened with the officials from the park.

The first meeting welcome tribal members from Wyoming and Oklahoma while park officials expect to speak with members from Utah, Colorado, and Montana in upcoming meetings.

Rocky Mountain Park officials are not the only ones engaging in open and honest communication with tribal members. The National Park Service has been working with Native Americans to improve exhibits in parks around the country.

In American, many people are familiar with Native Americans. However, this familiarity isn’t always flattering. For example, many people use offensive stereotypes of Native Americans in movies and television shows. Also, many people think of Native Americans as token characters in American historical events, such as the first Thanksgiving. However, did you know there is a country where this type of thinking isn’t the case? Do you know what country it is? It’s Canada!

One easy example of this is how Canadian reporters repeatedly write stories about Native Americas. For example, one prominent story involved the controversy of Canada maintaining statues that celebrate people who harmed Native American culture. Additionally, media stories that appear in the Canadian media are not always about the troubles befalling Native American communities. For example, one recent article discussed how the culture of Native Americans is being worked into the classes at universities.

Canada’s Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has also made it a priority to address issues relating to Native Americans. For example, he has drawn attention to the suicide rates, unsafe drinking water, and unsafe housing problems many Native Americans face. He has also drawn attention to the high incarceration rate of Native Americans in Canada.

Obviously, America can change. People can take the time to learn more about Native American culture. Understandably, this can seem daunting. Many people covering Native American culture in the past are seen by modern eyes as either racist or patronizing. Thankfully, we do not need to repeat this past.

Within Minneapolis, the need for a local community rich in the development of a successful group of people who enjoy their connection with God and look to bring these to the people of the area is more important than ever before. For more than 30 years, Bishop Thomas Williams has been seeking ways of bringing the congregation of The Mighty Fortress Church closer to the word of God in a powerful and positive way. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Bishop Thomas Williams has been a powerful man of God for many years and holds a doctorate in Mass Communications which he completed in a bid to ensure he has the ability to get across the message of the Lord in the best possible way. Choosing to focus his work on the inner city of Minneapolis has given Bishop Williams and the members of The Mighty Fortress Church a range of issues to address through the work completed in and around the local area. Local outreach programs are designed to address a range of problems the members of The Mighty Fortress Church face on a daily basis including racism, poverty, disease, and moral decay. One of the aims of The Mighty Fortress Church is to retain a position as the moral center of the people of Minneapolis as they seek to bring religion back to the heart of the community. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.com.

Across the local community, The Mighty Fortress Church and its members are constantly looking to welcome new members and provide guidance in finding a religious life to enhance that already being lived. The image is not seen as the most important factor for the members of The Mighty Fortress Church as the community links mean any person is welcome to attend in whatever clothing they wish without fear of being judged or disrespected because of how they look. The main interest of Bishop Thomas Williams and The Mighty Fortress Church is how any individual can be brought to enjoying a life closer to God and enjoying a close relationship with the local community.

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