Catching Amazon in any niche is a tall order, but when you start talking about the online apparel market, you are talking about an effort that borders on Herculean. Amazon has been coasting along each year, pulling down 20 percent of every sale over the years, while thousands of other retailers are fighting for anything left behind. That does not appear to be the case with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, as they have been making huge efforts to climb to the top of the fashion e-commerce market in only three years.


Hudson loves to discuss the success of her athleisure brand because there really is no secret when it comes to revenues. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is reaching women who are simply longing to be treated like a valued customer, and membership perks and reverse show-rooming appear to be doing exactly what they were intended for. A trip to the local mall reveals something amazing happening at the Fabletics retail shops. Women inside this retail shop are doing more browsing than buying, and none of the sales associates are pushing shoppers to make purchases either.


Here is why this no pressure sales tactic is so beneficial for the bottom-line of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Anything the customer tries on inside that retail shop will be moved to that member’s online account for future consideration. So these busy women don’t stress about having to rush at the mall, they try on new releases and leave, knowing those pieces are going to be online when they find some free time. Now once online, these women can shop based on the size they know fits, looking the larger online inventory for new styles or unique colors for the upcoming season.


Don’t forget about the free online shipping, the discounted clothing prices, and the personal shopper assistance members receive. There aren’t any other clothing retailers that allow you to take Lifestyle Quiz that will enhance the membership perk, but that is exactly what is happening here at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. Pampering has become the way to these shoppers hearts, and they return the favor by purchasing things like leggings, tank tops, and yoga pants in bulk each visit.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is taking the road less traveled when it comes to customer service, and the sales numbers are a clear indication that these women are tired of just being treated like numbers and want to take advantage of all the luxuries that come with online shopping.