Market America is a marketing company which began in 1992, and its primary mission is to ensure profitability and longevity through marketing. The company has over 3million clients, around 180,000 distributors and a lot of Market America unfranchise business owner all over the world. The company made over 3.8billion in retail sales. The company has its headquarters in Greensboro in North Carolina. The company has more than 500 workers with offices in various areas like USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the UK.

The company employs various internet marketing methods including one on one marketing, internet marketing, changing healthcare and social shopping. Each of these marketing strategies covers a particular market niche. One on one marketing involves target a specific group with specific products, While internet marketing and cash back, is through On clients find the best products, and with every purchase, they get cash back. Social shopping ensures as you spend time on social networks products are also available on the networks. Changing healthcare ensures health expert get quality when they require them.

To provide marketing strategies that are top notch company organizes Market America events to sensitize their clients on the various products and brands o=in their portfolio. The company avails the timetable for multiple events in advance to ensure one can register for the events in time. They organize trade shows, seminars, and convections.