Before Kim Dao packed to go her K Com event, she realized that she had a lot more makeup than she could use. Kim Dao has had this makeup for years; she admits that she’s a makeup hoarder who doesn’t like to throw out makeup. Some of the makeup that Dao has collected has not been used up and probably passed their expiration dates. Her extensive traveling has made it hard for to use all her makeup. Kim Dao had drawers and boxes of makeup that needed to be weeded out. Kim Dao started by going over her makeup and seeing if she had any duplicates. She created a keep pile, give away pile, and the waste basket. Unused makeup or duplicates, Doa can put off to the side and give to her friends. Learn more:


It is important to check the consistency of the makeup; eyeliners can get hard over time or dry out and should be disposed of. Kim Dao kept most of her lipsticks because they still were creamy and held on to their color. When going through makeup, it’s important to check the expiration dates and toss the makeup that has already expired. Sometimes you have to look at color consistency and the scent that will help let you know if the makeup is still good. Learn more:


Kim Dao went over the makeup she bought in Denmark. Doa tossed some eyeliner remover because she didn’t think she’d be using it. Her hand was all smeared with lipstick color samples.