Good news for Envoy customers. Soon, clients of the San Francisco based tech company will be able to do away with the outdated visitors’ logbooks after the company created software that allows visitors to sign in using an iPad. Visitor badges, photos, host notifications, digital NDAs, sign in, and other visitor registration processes have been automated. Envoy’s customers consist a group of fast-growing companies using available technologies to improve security and productivity.

Recently, Envoy partnered with OneLogin in the implementation of a System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) in a bid to increase the security of their customers’ systems and ensure a smooth end user experience. Envoy customer’s IT admins have a hard time updating employees’ movements across the company manually, and the SCIM implementation in partnership with OneLogin is a welcome relief. Also referred to as offboarding/automated user on, the SCIM protocol can be set up via the addition of the Envoy user provisioning connector to the application catalog of OneLogin. Currently, the feature is only available for Envoy Enterprise and Premium customers.

How It Works

The sole objective of SCIM protocols is to streamline the processes of user provisioning and management. Applications with SCIM capability synchronizes user attributes to allow clients speed up application rollout and adoption. In the case of Envoy, SCIM allows automatic field provision — names, office locations, contact information, etc. — from the OneLogin directory. Profiles are updated automatically as changes occur thereby improving ongoing user management through continuous synchronization.

Managing employees, as well as other application users such as contractors or partners, can be a cumbersome task for a company’s IT team. Having to update data across all platforms manually is a daunting experience for the team. The integration of OneLogin, Envoy, is able to sync all employee data thus making the visitor registration process easy. The records are up-to-date, accurate, and easy to manage.