Amicus Therapeutics is a leading American biopharmaceutical company. They are headquartered in Canbury, New Jersey and have been listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, under the symbol “FOLD,” since 2007 (YahooFinance). The company was founded in 2002 and is led by Chairman & CEO John Crowley, a position he has held since 2005.



Amicus Therapeutics focuses its research and development efforts into treating rare and orphan diseases. In much of the world, these “orphan diseases” are so rare that there is no market for a therapy to be developed, meaning that a government agency or non-profit non-governmental agency (NGO) will often fund the research into developing treatments for the diseases.



There is not an ironclad definition of what constitutes a “rare” disease, but since most of them are genetic, the organization Global Genes keeps track of them. Global Genes estimates that over 7,000 diseases affect more than 300 million people worldwide.



Amicus Therapeutics is in the process of developing treatments for the rare genetic disorder Fabry disease. The company’s lead product candidate, migalastat, has been approved for use in the European Union and is far along in the process for the United States and the rest of the world. The company also has other treatments in varies stages of production, including treatments for Epidermolysis Bullosa and Pompe Disease. Amicus Therapeutics also is developing Enzyme Replacement Therapy as well.



In addition to the treatments, Amicus Therapeutics has developed a proprietary technology called CHART. CHART stands for Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy and is used in the company’s efforts in research into enzyme replacement therapies. This breakthrough technology has allowed Amicus Therapeutics to create SD-101, a product candidate that would be first-to-market in the treatment of Epidermolysis Bullosa.

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With over 50 million sufferers in the United States arthritis is a very common disease. Affecting the joints arthritis does has many different forms that it presents itself. Arthritis can present itself in many ways but definitely is more prevalent in our aging bodies. Arthritis has 100 different variations such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and osteoarthritis.


Osteoarthritis is a very common form of arthritis that is also referred to as a degenerative joint disease. What happens as we age is the cartilage between our joints starts to wear away. When the cartilage is not there to smooth the moving of our joints it causes bone to bone contact that will eventually cause pain and swelling. The pain and swelling make it hard to move the limb which in turn reduces movement and causes loss of muscle and range of motion. The pain can be chronic and it can make a person feel weak and tired besides in pain.


Though osteoarthritis has no known cure, there are ways to be proactive in dealing with the day to day pain associated with osteoarthritis (Location). Keeping excess weight off and maintaining movement throughout the day is important. Stretching is another really great way of keeping muscles from tightening up or weakening. Smoking which can cause damage to connective tissues should be stopped.


The Osteo Relief Institute in Wall, New Jersey has found ways to offer their patients relief. A staff that is in the know when it comes to state of the art technology in osteoarthritis. The goal at the Osteo Relief Institute is to communicate with their clients and find what works best for their particular case.


Board-certified physicians and therapists at the Osteo Relief Institute work hand in hand with their patients to find a nonsurgical plan that gives relief to the sufferers of this painful disease. While pain medications are available, the Osteo Relief Institute is looking for long-term solutions.


Developing a plan that helps patients gain strength and mobility is part of the treatment plan designed for patients of the Osteo Relief Institute. Their treatment plans are customized and tried for each patient until they find the one that works. The Institute uses FDA approved and cleared techniques and treatments that are closely followed by their staff.


The people behind the Osteo Relief Institute know that what their patients are feeling on a daily basis is no picnic. The reason they take the nonsurgical approach to recovery so seriously, because, they believe in what they are offering. The fact that they have seen these treatments work time and time again make them keep coming back to offer their services to the next group of patients.

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Craft beer became popular quickly in the beer industry resulting in craft beer clubs and festivals. The festivals happen from coast to coast like the one in Calgary named the International Beerfest that has more than 500 beers from 43 countries and along with food, entertainment, and other fun gives a people’s choice award to one of the Alberta, Canada craft beer distillers. Then there is Vancouver Craft Beer Week, another festival with 100 breweries and cideries with over 400 craft beers and ciders. In Moncton, there is the Atlantic Beer Festival, Toronto’s Festival of Beer, and Quebec’s Festibiere de Quebec.


Industry experts are unable to single out the factor in the increased demand for craft beer, but regardless of the reasons, they see the decline in domestic beer customers who are turning to craft breweries.


The top contender at the Open Beer Championship Steamworks Group of Companies founder and CEO Eli Gershkovitch is a pioneer in craft beer (Manta). He has brought Canadian craft beer to the forefront. Mr. Gershkovitch began his research into microbreweries traveling through Europe and a visit to a Heidelberg, Germany microbrewery he sampled flavors that were much different than beers found in Canada. At the time he continued pursuing the law but did not forget the flavors of the beers he tasted.


In 1995 Eli Gershkovitch opened his first brewpub in Gastown. This was the first and only brewpub that used steam-powered brewing. One reason for this is due to the legal complexities involved with this type of business in Canada. Mr. Gershkovitch using his legal background was able to handle any complications in the laws and then patent his original beers. The Steamworks Brew Pub quickly became a popular location for locals and visitors. This success resulted in Eli Gershkovitch expanding the business to several other local businesses and expanding his brewpub from 184 seats to 754 seats by 2013.


Eli Gershkovitch a resident of Vancouver, did not start out with the goal to become a microbrewery owner, he is a formally trained lawyer. This knowledge of the law has helped him to achieve success in the craft beer industry.

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Glen Wakeman has an extensive business background with a considerable amount of experience in international endeavors which have carried him around the globe. His latest venture came about as he noticed a high failure rate among early-stage entrepreneurs who were unable to develop viable ideas successfully (People.equillar). The company that he founded and currently serves as their CEO is called LaunchPad Holdings and they provide a software program that helps users organize their ideas into a workable plan.

glen wakeman pics

The goal of the software is simplicity and ease of use to make building a plan more attainable to those with excellent ideas. This lack of structure around innovative ideas is the driving reason that Wakeman developed the product. He hopes to change the failure rate statistics and improve the world by helping great business ideas come to light in the markets.

Glen Wakeman’s business career spans two decades and he an array of experience in different areas that include providing vital guidance for startups, mergers & acquisitions, developing new market opportunities, and divestitures. He has engaged in mentoring to develop talented executives and he writes frequently about business, emerging markets, and innovation.

The international mindset that Wakeman has cultivated has resulted from his time spent living and working in six different countries and he’s traveled to much more. He has overseen business operations in 30 different regions throughout his career and has a fine grasp of business developments worldwide.

Ideas and innovation are two areas that Glen Wakeman excels in and he nurtures his ideas by explaining them to other business figures. This helps him articulate and polish his thoughts which helps him develop an outline for the concept. It forces him to spend time so that his ideas are fully vetted within his mind and he’s able to defend them as others query and probe for weaknesses.

Glen Wakeman has been extensively educated for business and this includes his dual degrees from the University of Scranton where he received credentials in Economics and Finance ( He received an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago in 1993. Wakeman served successfully with GE Capital and was then the CEO and President at Doral Financial Corporation.


Dr. Mark is a full professor at the University of Illinois College of medicine. Dr. Mark Holterman attended pediatric surgeon at Rush University. After that Dr. Mark became a Pediatric Surgeon at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital and also at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois.

Dr. Mark has been able to maintain memberships in several medical organizations; this includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, American College of Surgeons. Mark Holterman specializes in Pediatric surgery; where his research interests mainly based on stem cell therapies, obesity, novel cancer treatments as well as regenerative medicine.

holterman pic

Mark Holterman is a graduate of the University of Yala as biologists. After his graduation, Mark went to the University of Virginia and got his Ph.D. in General Surgery.

Dr. Mark was a fellowship in the pediatric surgery through the University of Washington at the Children’s Hospital Medical center.

Dr. Mark also served as a surgeon in chief at the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. Dr. Mark has written several publications and presentations about diseases their treatment among other medical related materials. These materials have shown how resourceful he is to the society, especially to medical pioneers.

Dr. Mark Holterman has won several awards; for instance, he won the Americans top doctors, innovative research award in the American Diabetes Association among others. Mark as a doctor has an American medical license and certifications from the American Board of Surgery as a surgeon.

Mark Holterman has over two decades experience as a surgeon. Besides he has shown excellent training in performing surgery on infants and young patients.

Dr. Mark is a committed and personate person who is always up to find medical treatment for chronic diseases. For example, diabetes, where he is a member of American diabetes association.


Dr. Mark is the chief executive officer of Marium Global Health where he is highly dedicated to helping patients in different ways ( Dr. Mark is also the co-founder of the Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies, which mainly carry out research projects that seek the cause and treatment of fatal diseases encountered in the society.

Mark Hotelman is a philanthropic professor who is always ready to support charitable organizations on health care, empowerment of patients, volunteering training among other needs.

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A higher than expected power bill has been delivered to almost all of us at one point or the other. What many people do not know is that you could be consuming electric power even when you are not using your electronic gadgets (phantom drain). Leaving devices such as coffee makers plugged in consumes energy resulting in into a higher electric bill. You may not feel it as you sort out your monthly bill, but if you compound it over a year, you find that you have consumed more energy than necessary. You should therefore unplug and shut off the power to your gadgets whenever you are not using them. This will let you save money for other needs and services. Additionally, to prevent phantom drain, consider batching your electronic devices into power strips. Monitoring tools also help you keep a watchful eye on your energy bill spending.


About Stream Energy


Established in 2005, Stream Energy (Stream) is a Dallas-based, privately-held company leading in the direct sales business industry for connected life services. The firm has revolutionized the energy sector and cemented its position in the industry over the course of 12 years. Stream specializes in energy, home services, deregulated natural gas, mobile services, direct sales, business opportunities, renewable energy, protective services, and deregulated electricity. Stream offers the following connected services: energy services, protective services, home services and wireless services. Together, all these services work together seamlessly to meet clients needs. All the mentioned services are available across the nation except energy services which are currently available in Washington, New York, Illinois, D.C., Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Georgia and Texas. The company has more than 200 employees (




Stream Energy has had a significant impact in the country by offering solutions to everyday challenges. Consequently, the firm has been feted on more than one occasion. Some of the awards the company has received include Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Provider in Texas – Market Strategies International (2017), Silver Telly Winner: “Tomorrow is Now” creative video – 2016, Gold W3 Awards: “Get Connected” and “Tomorrow is Now” creative videos – 2015, and Bronze Telly Winner for two creative videos in 2016: “A New Feature” and “Why Are You Here?” The firm is active on social media and responds to client queries instantly. This contributed to it being given a Better Business Bureau A+ rating in 2016.


Madison Street Capital Did It Again

It’s no surprise when Madison Street Capital reputation continues to stand the test of time.

For most N.Y. and U.S. financial agencies, getting the industry recognition of MSC is a challenging feat. The Madison Street Capital agency got its start in the Illinois city of Chicago. As it’s clear to see, the MSC investment bank decided to rename Wall Street and to renew its location. Learn more about Madison Street Capital:

The great work of Madison Street makes it a stronghold both in the U.S. and the international world of finance. To do this, Madison had to develop its bank in a way that opposed the ideas of financial critics. Standing out and against the norm enabled this agency to reset the stage of investing and the practices the financial world uses.

Building An International Reputation

It’s difficult to keep a reputation like Madison Street Capital’s. Actually, building a reputation like this is a greater challenge to conceptualize at first. Going against the norms, set in the world of the financial industry, gave Madison Capital a competitive advantage. The one thing understood by the firm was how much the world changed.

Between 2003 and 2004, it was clear, in the world of finance, that the markets had drastically changed and because of technology. Both how we look at and accomplish financial goals would transform, and this one agency was on the cusp of each change. Learning the new standards of digital lifted MSC to a more competitive level. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Crunchbase and Madison Street Capitals Impressive Path to Top Notch Reputation | GC Report

This international investment bank then leveraged that knowledge. They did so to better understand what new styles or financial skills would be created as a result of technology.

Why Investment Banking Really Matters

Another stronghold embraced by the Madison Street team is grounded in the presence of investment banking. It stands out in the professional world. The bank understood that the world would financially adjust, but the need for financial management and investing would only grow stronger.

Clearly, this is what happened

By the time the rest of the professional financial world caught on, Madison Street Capital was already leveraging great rewards.

Dr. Mark, MD, MBA is a Medical Doctor and Practitioner in Medicine and Surgery, based in Georgia. He has received his charters for practice from both the Georgia and Florida State Board of Medical Examiners. In his life at the medical practice, Dr. Mark has professional passion with community service.

Insights by Dr. McKenna

In a recent interview, Dr. Mark shares the secret as to the origination of the idea of OVME. While working in the medical aesthetics for more than 10 years, the idea for OVME struck him. He ultimately took the opportunity and grew his practice into one of the biggest and the most sought out in North and South America.

As a strategy for carrying forward, Dr. Mark shares that he brings ideas into life by constantly setting goals and visualizing his targets. He also points out to re-energizing his spirit through quiet meditations at least once in a day. A sure recipe for success, he intimates is a passionate combination of meditation and active goal setting.

Early Life and Education

Dr. Mark McKenna was born in New Orleans, LA. He attended the Tulane University, Medical School, from which he graduated and started his medical practice under his father. He simultaneously launched the McKenna Venture Investments, a development firm as well as a boutique enterprise.

His other achievements include the acquisition of the Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. The company grew to have over 50 employees, specializing in finance, real estate, design-building and even closing services.

Regrouping Amidst Challenges

Despite the catastrophic Hurricane Katrina that runs over New Orleans in 2005, Dr. McKenna braced up and rebuilt his business interests. He took an active and lead role in establishing cheaper and low-moderate housing for the citizens of New Orleans.

Dr. Mark launched the ShapeMed as an aesthetic and wellness medical center in 2007 in Atlanta, Georgia. He led these roles while serving as the Director of the Life Time Fitness Inc. until July of 2016. A year later in July 2017, he was elected the CEO of OVME; a technology-enabled medical aesthetic company, of which he is a proud founder.

Family Life and Memberships

Dr. Mark is married to wife Gianine McKenna, and have both been blessed with a daughter, named Milana Elle and a son, Ryder, who is four years old. He is a member of the Entrepreneurs Organization and previously served as a Board Member of the New Orleans Jazz Festival as well as the Ne Orleans Industrial Board on development.


Market America Products are made to high quality standards. This is what keeps our loyal customers coming back, again and again. There is no company that guarantees their quality like Market America. In many ways, it is the ultimate product line and being made available to all our special members. Come see what Market America has in store for businesses in the United States now. Everything about working with Market America spells success for the individual or entity.

Market America has so many products, you will find making your niche markets stand out easy. In many cases, all the information will be there already for your business purpose and can be organized with online website design. This is the simple way that our system helps users get products online and start making money right away. All it takes is a little time and diligent efforts to keep things updated.

Market America teaches users how to make web traffic happen, search engine optimize all products, then count the money as it rolls in. This is the Market America way, slow and easy to understand. These training courses programs are available to anyone who joins the Market America team of product and service resellers. Now is a great time to get in on the ground floor of an incredible opportunity.

Market America has events around the country all the time. Get to one of these and learn all you can about the commitment our members have toward achieving personal success. Nothing is more important to our members, or their friends and families. Most are Market America members themselves. So join with an elite crowd, and see what a new world has to offer your business planning. Market America is one of a kind, just like you are in this wonderful life.

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When we talk of leadership and expertise in retail and finance it gets no better than Susan McGalla. She is not only a businesswoman but one of the most experienced business leaders in retail. Susan has served in almost all capacities in the retail industry giving her an unprecedented insight into the sector making her an authority on the same by any right. Born in East Liverpool, Ohio she is now an executive consultant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Susan’s father was a football coach and was brought up with two brothers, she attended Mount Union College for her undergraduate where she graduated with a degree in business and marketing.

McGalla has had an illustrious career over the period she was employed and served at the highest managerial positions. After graduating college she joined Joseph Horne Company where she started as a marketing executive and steadily worked her way up finally making a senior managerial position it’s at this point that she left to advance her career moving to American Eagle Outfitters in January of 1994 where she joined as divisional merchandise buyer women’s clothing by then the company was quite male dominated but this did not deter her. With such an influential position she was able to bring growth to the company and quickly moved up to various other managerial roles before being appointed CMO of the company’s flagship American Eagle brand this led to her appointment to a similar position for the parent company before also becoming president. As president she was responsible for developing brand ideas and growing them this saw her launch aerie and 77kids some of the best performing at the company.

After a long and successful tenure, she left American Eagle Outfitters and its at this time that she ventured into her long time passion of consultancy. She became a private consultant in retail and financial investment and founded P3 Executive Consulting. With the level of experience and expertise in retail, she quickly became a force to reckon with and was soon rendering her consulting services on marketing, branding, talent management, operational cost control and efficiency among others to the top organizations and business leaders in the retail sector. Susan also provides expert insight based upon her experience in the fashion industry.

Apart from consulting Susan also holds various positions in different organizations such as director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development, member of the board of HFF Inc, she sits on the board of Magee-Women’s Hospital and at the Pittsburgh Steelers, she is Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development.