The beautiful thing about the internet is that it has taken information and individuals that were once previously highly inaccessible to the average person and made them available to anyone who has a smartphone, a computer and an internet connection. Whereas people might have had to walk to the store and purchase a celebrity magazine in order to see the highly anticipated newborn children of a celebrity they can simply open the app that is known as Instagram on their phone, go the celebrity’s profile and see the children from the comfort of their own homes. In other cases a celebrity’s fans no longer have to make the efforts to travel to an exclusive event to get a glimpse of the celebrity having a candid moment. They can just head over to their Facebook or Instagram and watch their favorite celebrity do a livestream and see things that they might have needed to watch television to see such as the inside of a celebrity’s home or their pet.


There are many visual mediums that allow the public to interact with public figures and public servants. While visual mediums are all the rage it seems that audio is also making a comeback as it adapts itself to a generation of listeners who have grown up consuming media through the internet rather than through more analogue means such as a television or a boombox. While the iPod itself has virtually gone extinct in the face of the smartphone the podcast is alive and well. Platforms such as Soundcloud and iTunes store have allowed audio to be distributed easily through the internet and driven the popularity of the podcast as a new form of media. Learn more:


Media executives such as the radio veteran and Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of podcast network PodcastOne Norman Pattiz have recognized the importance of the podcast as a form of media and capitalized upon that. Norman Pattiz got his start in the world of radio where he oversaw important radio broadcasts for large media events such as the Summer Olympics. He would later go on to transition from radio and to launch PodcastOne. Recently Norman Pattiz and PodcastOne announced that they would be launching a podcast with the television legend Norman Lear. Norman Lear is the television producer who is behind classic television shows such as Maude, Good Times, The Jeffersons and All In The Family. Norman Lear’s perspective as an early television pioneer and a veteran who fought in World War II will likely enable him to provide audiences with interesting insights that they might not otherwise have access to without his podcast. Learn more: