In 2012 we saw the birth of Equities First Holdings, which was first known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Over the years the company got to expand by partnering with various investment banks, international law firms, etc. Equities First Holdings mainly specialize in financing businesses. However, it is not just anyone who can just be financed by them.


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Equity First Holdings deals with companies and individuals with high net capital. Individuals and companies that want a loan very fast but inexpensively. They have branches in different parts of the world. When you want a loan, most companies do ask for collateral, which is physical but not Equities First Holdings. With Equities your shares of your company usually work as the collateral.


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In most financial institutions share holding loans are mostly not considered. So many companies have been able to grow through this system, making Equities First Holdings expand their wings. In most cases, these loans are normally on fixed interest rates. The beauty about these loans is that they have no restrictions, therefore; the borrower goes without any obligations, even if the value of the shares decreases that will not affect the borrower. In it, all with how loans are becoming expensive Equities First Holding is the way to go and more information click here.


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Since Equities First Holdings have opened their doors, they have been able to do more than 650 transactions which are more than $1.4 billion. Currently, they have offices in nine countries across the globe and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

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Due to frequent fluctuations in the global economy, people remain clinging onto their wallets and pocketbooks. Therefore, people continue to spend their money wiser and smarter than ever before. This remains attributed to the increased risk of losing money. In addition, the investment industry remains an anomaly. Also, the investment industry remains full of shady investors and investment companies. Moreover, these companies prey on their prospective clients by giving them false hope. As a result, this deters many prospective investors from investing in the first place. Therefore, a few investment companies exist with the intention of creating a fruitful relationship with their clients. Furthermore, these investment companies exhibit the ability to increase their clients’ revenue exponentially and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

As a result, Equities First Holdings remains the company in reference. For those unaware, Equities First Holdings remains an industry leader in the world of investing. Since 2012, the company has remained in existence. Moreover, the company has remained in the headlines due to their superior service. For those unaware, Equities First Holdings remains both an advisory and an investment company that gives its clients various ways to support their financial needs. To expound further, the company remains responsible for providing its clients with numerous margin loans and shareholder financing services that remain aimed to assist people in achieving their financial goals. Since the company’s conception, it has remained at the frontier of investing. Moreover, the company maintained its dominance in the shareholder finance market and it Linkedin.

With that being said, the company has also forged partnerships with some of the world’s most respected investment banks. Prior to being known as Equities First Holdings, the company remained known as Meridian Equity Partners Limited. Moreover, the company remains filled with talent. To expound further, the company’s president remains known for his outstanding ability to win. Since the company began its operations, it has expanded exponentially. Moreover, the company has operations around the world. As a result, the company has operations in the United States, Asia, Europe and Australia. Furthermore, the company remains based in London. In closing, the company continues to set trends in the investment industry.

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Yurok Chief Justice Abby Abinanti and Quechan Chief Justice Claudette White will be featured next month in “Tribal Justice” a new PBS documentary. In 1974, Abinanti became the first Native American woman to be admitted as a member of the State Bar of California, while White is the highest-ranking justice in the tribal courts of the Quechans of Southern California.

The documentary will tell Abinanti’s and White’s stories as they fight, via the justice system, for the preservation of Native American beliefs and traditions. The goal of “Tribal Justice” is to feature the strength of these women leaders as they’ve worked among their people to triumph over various social ills such as prejudice, inequality and poverty. It highlights their values of taking care of each other in their communities and shines a light on tribal courts where indigenous beliefs and traditions have become an integral part of the justice system.

While Justice White admits that their tribe has greatly decreased in number, she reiterates that they’ve never abandoned their desert home, despite the fact that services available to them are limited. She is a champion for the Quechans’ sovereignty and nationhood. White looks to Abinanti as a mentor who has broken the glass ceiling for herself and the other women who will follow in their footsteps.

Both White and Abinanti, as leaders of two of the largest Native American groups in California, have advocated for restoration in their communities, even as they increase the levels of safety within those communities.

“Tribal Justice” is directed by Anne Makepeace, who met the two judges in 2013, and was immediately inspired to show the world the life-changing work they do. Makepeace recognized that showcasing the work of Abinanti and White could contribute much to the justice system.

On June 22, 2017, the United States Department of the Interior announced that grizzly bears within Yellowstone National Park will no longer be protected. This move has angered Native American leaders across seven states who say that the grizzly bears are an important religious symbol to them. Therefore, they believe that the bears should continue to be protected under religious liberty laws.

Grizzly Bear Protection

The bears received special protection starting in 1975. Since that time, the bear population in Yellowstone has expanded from approximately 150 to more than 700 mainly through public education campaigns about not feeding trash to bears.

Control Returned to States

The ruling by the Department of the Interior returns control back to the states of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Those states all have preliminary plans to allow people to hunt the bears that the Native Americans see as religious symbols. The states have promised that should the population fall to under 600 that hunting will immediately cease.

Religious Liberty Case

In addition to seeing the bears as a violation of their religious liberty, tribal leaders say that they are very upset that they were not contacted before the grizzly bears were removed from the protected animal list. Local ranchers had argued that the bears needed to be removed so that farmers could shoot them if they were on their property where they are potentially killing livestock.

Grizzly Bear Case Goes to Court

The case has now ended up in court where it will be decided by a district judge. The United States Interior Department plans to delist grizzly bears living in other areas of the Western United States if they are successful in court. The current plan is to slowly delist them over the next five years.

Former White House intern, Monica Lewinsky praised Jay-Z’s candidness about his past infidelities. In an op-ed article in Vanity Fair, Monica said Jay-Z had a choice to ignore the accusations after he was publicly called on by his wife, Beyoncé in her Lemonade video album. He would have chosen to look past the allegations, like many men would, on his next album and still receive praises from his fans.

Monica continued to say that Jay-Z had the option of ignoring the whole issue, but he instead chose the path to open up. Since the allegations, the two have shared much publicly, including celebrating the birth of their twins. But instead of assuming all wounds were healed, Jay-Z took a brave move to accept his fault and help everyone move forward.

Victim of an Affair

It can be remembered that Monica is infamous for her affair with the former president Bill Clinton. But unlike Jay-Z bill denied the affair in front of a jury in a separate lawsuit accusing him of sexual harassment against Paula Jones. His denial was perceived as obstruction of justice and consequently saw him impeached.

Monica further said it is appositive move to see that male icon accepting vulnerability at a time when Washington is filled with the elite who still embraced the outdated caricature of manhood. Monica noted that it was encouraging it was to see men who can inherently express their emotions despite the prying eyes of the society.

Funny enough, Monica also commented on Beyonce’s album “Lemonade” where she corrected some lyrics in the “Partition” song. The lyrics read “He ripped my blouse/He Monica Lewinsky-ed all on my gown.” Monica went ahead and said if the song was about verbing, then it should have read, “Bill Clinton-ed all on my gown,” instead of “Monica Lewinsky-ed.”

A great number of advocates for the Workers’ Rights in Philadelphia got to earn a newfound respect for brotherly love that the city is famed for earlier in 2017. This was upon Jim Kenney, the Mayor of Philadelphia, signing and approving a new law on 23rd January 2017, which prohibited any employer from inquiring about the prior salaries of applicants in the private sector. In turn, this made Philly the first city in the US to ever have and pass such a law. As would be expected though, it did not come without its legal challenges. Purported unconstitutionality was tabled by the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia came a few weeks before the initiation date of the law.

The Society for Human Resource Management stepped forth to declare that the ordinance was orchestrated by the lawmakers to aid in bridging the female and male wage gap within Pennsylvania. The law had prohibited the employers from acts such as directly enquiring salary histories from applicants, retaliating/punishing job candidates that do not disclose their salary history, mandating the prospects to release their salary history to get hired and acquiring salary history of candidates without their go-ahead for their knowledge. Any person is doing business in Philadelphia, even through the third party such as employees, is affected by this new law. Anyone found to violate the law shall face a $2,000 fine per occurrence.

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Just like any new law, there were resistances from employers such as was witnessed from Comcast Communications who said that their 1st Amendment Rights were undermined and vowed to take legal action against the city and fellow companies also complained about the compliance burdens. The employee rights seemed to face a greater battle due to the many proponents that were realized upon the court of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania opted to stay the filing made by the Chamber of Commerce who sought a preliminary injunction in April.

The Hire Counsel-listed Attorney, Karl Heideck, advises employers on compliance services as well as risk management and is also the author of a blog that guides the people of Pennsylvania to understand the workings of different laws.

Karl Heideck is a Law graduate from the James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University, Class of 2009. Before this, he attended Swarthmore College in 2003 where he managed to attain his undergraduate degree. He has worked at Pepper Hamilton LLP as a practicing Project Attorney, and also, he was an associate at Conrad O’Brien.

This is the second year that the Aztec Ruins National Monument in Farmington will offer the American Indian Cultural Arts Festival to highlight local Native American art. According to the Aztec Ruins Park Ranger, Cyresa Bloom, there will be 14 prominent Native American artists from across the Southwest region showing their works at the monument. Included in the lineup will be members of the Hopi and Navajo tribes as well as some from the pueblos of Zuni and Kewa.

The festival week will feature many pieces of artwork that will be both for sale and on display for the public to admire. Included in the list of artwork is fetishes, pottery, paintings, and jewelry. Outside of just allowing visitors to see artwork, event organizers hope this will give the general public a chance to talk with artists directly about how and why they create their work. There will also be artists giving live presentations as they create art allowing visitors to experience an in-depth glimpse into the Native American culture.

The event was coordinated with aid from the N.A.T.I.V.E Project along with the national monument park rangers. The N.A.T.I.V.E. Project works to offer technical and financial assistance to artists that are Native American that live in Four Corners. Overseer of the program, Michael Billie, stated that the event is always enjoyed because it helps exhibit the artwork of local Native Americans so that they can build their clientele and future followers. He added that people who buy art on a regular basis love to learn the history behind it.

Last year the event was held in the spring but the date was moved to the summer this year to encourage more people to attend. Admission to both the park and the monument will be free on the day of the American Indian Cultural Arts Festival.

Based on the opinion issued by the Attorney General for the Cherokee Nation, the tribe is now recognizing same sex marriages. The Attorney General for the tribe is Todd Hembree. In his opinion it is wrong to withhold the freedom to marry the person of your choice. He feels the Cherokee’s history of marriage and perpetual partnerships supports the right to choose their spouse and sexual orientation. This decision was the result of a request made by the tax commissioner for the tribe seeking an official opinion. Since Naïve American nations fall under the rule of Congress instead of the federal courts the decision to recognize gay marriages by the Supreme Court in 2015 had no legal effect on the Cherokee Nation.

The decision made by Todd Hembree was influenced by the sexuality narratives of the historical Cherokee Nation. He believe that although Euro-Americans and Cherokee’s differ regarding the appropriate roles for genders, spiritual beliefs, sexuality, and marriage there is a minority of Cherokees of alternate sexuality. Historical research has identified some historical recognition of homosexuals in the Cherokee Nation. For more details about the recent decision please visit

The decision made by Tom Hembree effectively nullifies a law passed by the tribe twelve years ago. The law was referred to as the Cherokee Nation and Family Protection Act and placed a ban on tribe members engaging in same sex marriages. There are still Native American tribes where same sex marriages are illegal including the Navajo Nation. Most tribes have no stance on the matter. The Cherokee Nation believes some tribes will support them while others will not. The Cherokee Nation’s decision will immediately take effect. and is considered legally valid and binding. Cherokee officials do have the right to challenge the decision at any time although it is not believed this will happen.

Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native Susan McGalla is a leading businesswoman. She is a board member for HFF Inc which is a commercial real estate company that is also a publically traded company. She is also a board member at Magee-Womens Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Susan McGalla has an extensive and impressive work history that involves high ranking positions in some of the most popular retail stores. She previously held the title of President for American Eagle Outfitters and she as a CEO at Wet Seal. Before her employment with American Eagle, Susan worekd for Joseph Horne Co. department stores. She woked at Joseph Horne Co. from 1986 to 1994 and held many positions in marketing and management. She was also a trustee at the University of Pittsburgh and a director at the Allegheny Conference on community developement.

In 2009 Susan decided to make a career change and become a private consultant. She focused her consulting skills on the retail and financial investment industries. With an entrepeneurial mind set, Susan founded P3 Executive Consulting. In addition to P3, Susan is also the VP of business strategy and creative developement for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Susan grew up in a home that was comprised of a father who was a high school football coach and two brothers. She was never raised to see roles and man or woman only. Her father taught her to over come her fears and speak to any audience no matter who was in attendence. This made her very comfortable working with both men and women. Becoming a leading businesswoman isn’t a title that Susan finds distinguishable. She views herself simply as a business professional. Susan’s home town was East Liverpool Ohio. She graduated high school went on to Mount Union College where she received her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing. Susan also serves on the board of advisors at Mount Union College.

Susan McGalla is also a sought after public speaker. She has been invited to speak at the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEOs Women and at the Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh. Susan is a expert consultant on operational efficiencies, marketing and talent management.

The legalization in most states of medical marijuana has caused a fear of high taxation and tax problems with the federal government. The Native Americans may have found a way around the problems. The big business of gambling has already caused changes to the Native American culture and marijuana may be next. In 1988 the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act was enacted by Congress. This gave the Native American tribes the right to establish casinos on their land. The tribes are now interested in expanding into marijuana.

The Native Americans are looking for a tax-free ticket regarding marijuana. They are considering changing some of their tribal laws as well as commercial opportunities. The first tribe who was ready to grow medical marijuana was the Pinoleville Pomo Nation in California. The Department of Justice has noticed and their policy pertaining to marijuana regarding Indian Tribes was reviewed. Since Native American tribes are considered a sovereign nation they have the right to open a marijuana resort even if marijuana is still illegal in their state. For more details on Indian Tribes and medical marijuana please visit

The benefits associated with tribal sovereignty presents an enormous opportunity for Native American Communities in regards to marijuana. The advantages for economic development within the tribes is staggering. A decrease in cost combined with an increase in profits will benefit every business able to take advantage of the current structure. Native American tribes and the tribal corporations they wholly own are not required to pay federal income tax on any of their assorted earnings. Even certain types of organizations who are considered tax-exempt pay taxes on specific types of income. The Native American tribes are exempt from paying federal taxes on their commercial activities. Any corporations they form with the purpose of conducting business are exempt.