In a recent interview, Felipe Montoro Jens mentioned that Brazil’s BNDES programs generated concessions are a continual debate as initiatives are often well-received by its water sector. The Brazilian government had previously announced such concessions through partnering with the BNDES. Edison Carlos, the President of Tata Brazil, was interviewed by Jens. During the interview, Carlos mentioned numerous important points about the new initiative, affirming that any services provided would further undergo improvements in management, structural resources and more.


The decreasing sliding waste levels were another top factor considered by Jens as he asked Carlos about his stance on the matter. Carlos mentioned that Brazil’s basic sanitation is mostly performed by public power. In addition, more than half of all users within the area are serviced through organizations of each respective state. For Carlos, thus, the private initiative’s presence offers no valid reason for excluding the public’s as any forms of management may work better when in conjunction. Thus, government bodies may have a vital importance in leveraging partnerships and joining forces with other companies to achieve more for Brazil than was ever thought possible.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a man truly skilled and with many years of experience in numerous divisions. He has truly seen the world and lived to tell the tale in his business endeavors. He knows of finance. He knows of real estate.


He has specialized in oil and gas. He understands water and sewage treatment solutions. He’s an expert in defense and technology. He has even utilized infrastructure concessions in Latham as well as renewable energy generation efforts through multiple past projects.