Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He has also established various start-ups throughout his career, some of which are performing well in the global market. Secker has mentored various businesspeople through his seminars and international talks.


An interview with Ideamensch


In his recent interview with Ideamensch, Secker told the media that the idea of developing a platform to teach people about foreign trade came from his desire to inspire people to invest in international trade. As a businessman, Greg Secker has a habit of giving himself time to think about every idea that he comes across before implementing it. Being a published author, he encourages people to read as many books as they can so as to expand their scope of knowledge. Secker looks up to executives like Gary Vaynerchuk.


About Greg Secker


Secker is a British businessman and an alma mater of the distinguished University of Nottingham. Secker specializes in matters associated with foreign exchange and foreign trading. Secker is also a prominent author who has over the years published some of the best-selling books. Among his published works includes “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success,” “Trading Your Way to Success,” and “Financial Freedom through Forex.” He initiated his career as a forex trader in 2003 after retiring from the Mellon Financial Corporation. Before joining this company, he worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he developed a Virtual Trading Desk and won the British Telecom Award for Innovation due to his outstanding innovation abilities.


His first office was situated in his living room, and this is where he began mentoring people about foreign exchange. It was while working out of his house that he established the Knowledge to Action Group. Five years later, Secker started traveling around the world, hosting conferences in countries such as New Zealand, Ghana, Philippines, and Australia. His venture established the Knowledge to Action Group, which has since received recognition and was named the finalist in the growth and innovation category for the 2009 National Business Awards. Secker has helped set up other companies, including Capital Index, Learn To Trade, Smart Charts Software, and FX Capital. Secker is also a recognized philanthropist and the initiator of The Greg Secker Foundation. Secker is a renowned speaker and has spoken of various platforms including the Excel London Exhibition Centre.

The article “Jason Hope Explains How Airlines Are Tapping into the Internet of Things” starts off with saying how most things will be connectable via internet or Bluetooth by 2020. It then goes on to explain what a beacon is “transmitting device that gathers and relays information”. This article will explain how using beacons and IoT will impact the airline industry.One positive impact of the additions of beacons is the improved safety of airline travel. Placing beacons on life jackets and toolboxes will help the staff monitor them more effectively. Which will give travelers a better peace of mind while traveling.

The article explains how customer service is enhanced by the internet. Easier check in because boarding passes are now available via email. Personalized travel with beacons will guide you to the right gate. GPS can guide passengers around the airport and send alerts if they are going the wrong way. Also, many airlines are investing in seat sensors that will improve customers travel experience. The sensors will monitor temperature, fatigue, and even hydration. The crew gets alerts and will take corrective actions to insure that the passenger has a comfortable flight. Luggage tags are next to have have beacon technology. Passengers will be able to monitor their luggage each step of the journey.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, technology guru, and an investor. He is located in Scottsdale, Arizona with an infinity to community service and the advancement of technology. He is a graduate from Arizona State University with a B.S. in finance and then continuing with a MBA in business. He is a huge supporter or the SENS foundation and their research on anti-aging and cures for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He wants to help the populace live longer and healthier lives. Scientific research is one of his passions. He also offers grants to aspiring student inventors. The grants are used to help students kick start the development of their idea.

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