The more fashion interested people may agree that fashion can be rather restrictive. According to Don Ressler, there are many ways that fashion seems to deny people the freedom of wearing clothes they really want. One of the ways that people are being restricted in fashion is through the stores that are selling clothes. While a lot of people may be aware of the types of clothes that are shown, they are not necessarily able to find these items in stores that sell clothing. Fortunately, there are stores opening up that offer a wider range of products according to

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Another way that fashion is being restrictive is through the discouragement of society. Often times, people who dare to dress in ways that are unique are frowned upon. While the peers may actually applaud the look that the woman tries, there are some people from higher places that are critics of fashion on They tend to have a rather restrictive and boring taste in fashion. As a result, they may criticize people that dare to dress a little bit different. For men, the only way to dress well is by wearing a suit and tie. Women have a little more room for dressing up, but they get a lot of criticism too..

There are efforts to open minds and options in fashion. Don Ressler himself is very interested in influencing fashion around the world. One thing that he wants to do is encourage people to step outside of the norm. Don Ressler also wants to make sure that both men and women have items that make it easier for them to step outside of their fashion comfort zone. The TechStyle website looks favorably on people that have pushed the boundaries in fashion. Even those that have gotten a lot of criticism for it are given a lot of praise for daring to challenge fashion.

After investing massive sums of money and soaking in the information from numerous world economic summit talks, such as those held in Davos, Switzerland, philanthropist, Jacob Lief thought he would have made huge impact upon the lives of impoverished South Africans whom he desperately wanted to help, but nothing of the sort was happening. He realized that he had the money and connections but the actual groundwork, the actual change, just was not happening. It was at this point that Mr. Lief knew he had to make a change.


Jacob Lief is the principal founder, alongside Malizole Banks Gwaxula, of the Ubuntu Fund, which he developed after coming to the realization that the traditional models of charitable giving were too restrictive and as a result, too ineffective. One of the primary reasons for this was the fact that private donors who contribute to large scale, philanthropic ventures, such as Lief’s venture in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, often demand that they have a large degree of control over the way that money is spent. How, where, why and when are all dimensions in which such donors want to have a say, sometimes in totality. Naturally, this hampers the effectiveness of the financial application, especially if a given private donors’ vision for the project differs markedly or completely from Ubuntu Funds.


This was something Mr. Lief simply could not abide as he knew exactly what had to be done to help the poor region. So instead of focusing on a donor tailored strategy he focused on the autonomy of his organization for bringing the region increased support for badly needed infrastructure such as education, healthcare and social programs to help foster community progression. With the help of other well known philanthropists and business managers, such as the lauded Andrew Rolfe, the current Chairman of the Ubuntu Fund group, Mr. Lief appears to be taking all the necessary steps needed to make his dream of a revitalized South Africa a reality.


There are a lot of people in Brazil who are trying to get their investments planned for the future. With the economic growth in Brazil, many people are excited to learn about ways that they can build wealth through investing. Cassio Audi is a leader in this field. However, he has a nice history of musical adventures before entering this field. Although it seems unrelated, this is a great way for him to get his passion in both his free time and his work time. Cassio Audi is one of the best investment minds in Brazil today, but you also may see him playing a band on the weekend.


There are many people in Brazil who are struggling financially. Even though the economy has improved greatly in the past few years, few people have the financial foundation they need to take advantage of it. In fact, it is really just the people who already have money who have prospered. This is something that Cassio Audi wants to change. He strongly believe that investing for the future is possible for anyone who follows his plan. Not only that, but he wants to help as many people in his community as possible. He has a huge passion for taking people’s lives and making them better in the years ahead.


On the weekends and when he is off work, you will find Cassio Audi playing in a band in the city. He has always loved music, and loves having a lifestyle that allows him to practice it on a regular basis. Not only that, but he is really excited about the future and what it is going to bring. He has a lot of growth plans in his business, and he knows that he can accomplish his goals for the future if he works hard enough. The demand for his financial services has never been higher. Not only that, but he is starting to look for ways to open up his website to people who want to watch his music.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Cassio Audi has lived a life of great achievement. With that success, he has had to learn to prioritize things in life so that he can have success in all areas. He is able to have a successful financial planning business while also playing his passion in music. This is allowing him to have a lot of influence in his local community.

The town of Whiteclay, Nebraska, population 12, has historically been one of the nation’s least economically diversified towns. Since its founding in the 1880s, the tiny enclave has had but one purpose in the world. It has provided the residents of the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation with high-octane beer, wine and liquor.


And almost since the first saloon opened, the town has served as a lightning rod for activists, social critics and up-and-coming politicians, all of whom have decried the apparent injustice of allowing a town located just a few hundred feet over the state line to openly provide a loophole to circumvent the law of a neighboring town. The Pine Ridge Reservation, since its establishment by the Laramie Treaty, has been dry. All alcohol sales have been strictly forbidden.


But recently, the opponents of Whiteclay’s raison d’être have had the wind in their sails. The Nebraska State Liquor Control Board recently voted, in a historically unprecedented move, to permanently revoke all licenses of the town’s four liquor stores. This will effectively end the sale of alcohol in Whiteclay and along with it, the town itself. Many view this as a great victory.


But many more are gravely concerned with what unintended consequences may ensue. Some long-time Native residents of Pine Ridge complain that hardly any of the activists are themselves Natives. They can pass a law, feel good about themselves, then go home, never revisiting the consequences of their efforts again. On the contrary, the Natives who deal with bootleggers, homemade alcohol poisoning and drunk driving have to live those consequences every day.

The way people travel has changed dramatically over the past decade. Touristy destinations and traditional trips centered at resorts or focused specifically on leisure are no longer everyones idea of how to take a vacation. Eco-tourism and volunteerism are on the rise, allowing travelers the opportunity to travel with purpose, contribute to their destinations, and develop skill sets.

One way to embrace this form of travel is to travel with Wild Ark. The organization began with a group of caring conservationists, lead by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson. Working in identified green belts around the world, Wild Ark helps protects biodiversity, connects outsiders, and promotes research.

Travelers are able to experience a variety of sustainable and eco-friendly travel experiences through the guidance of Wild Ark. For example, a six day hiking adventure through the African bush is a great destination for nature lovers and people interested in developing careers as wilderness guides.

The picturesque terrain of South African landscapes is incomparable to any other destination. The trails that lead through the desert wilderness are unusual and untouched by mankind.

In the South African bush, travelers can eat, sleep, play, and learn in a beautiful setting day and night. During the day, hikers have the opportunity to view desert animals and plants. At night, hikers in the bush get to sleep under a beautiful dark sky lit by multitudes of glowing stars.

The uniqueness of the landscape and life forms in the bush are the result of preservation. These wild lands can only be viewed by those courageous enough to take on the adventure.

Traveling as an eco-tourist is both rewarding and fun. Travelers are able to experience places that the everyday tourist wouldn’t dream of going. Most importantly, they help keep these pristine places intact. Without conservationist efforts, areas like the African bush could be in danger.

If you love the outdoors and sharing time with like-minded people then an eco-conscious travel destination just may be the adventure of a life time that you’ve always been looking for. So what are you waiting for? Get outside and play in the wilderness!

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The Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation is the poorest place in the United States. Its residents have struggled with substance abuse, extreme poverty, lack of education and unemployment since the days when Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse still counted among its leadership. But while these problems have always been complex and intertwined, many critics and activists have zeroed in on the ban of alcohol sales as a magic antidote to all that plagues the reservation and its people.


The neighboring town of Whiteclay, just a few hundred feet over the Nebraska border, has long been a source of alcohol for those who could not find any on the dry Pine Ridge reservation. Since its founding over 130 years ago, Whiteclay has been a one-industry town. Its sole purpose has been the provision of alcohol to the Pine Ridge Natives.


This has come with the ugly optics drunk-fueled lawlessness naturally creates. With most such cases, eventually a social justice warrior here or a do-gooder there will take note and begin agitating for the evil vice in question to be permanently removed. Such is the case now. The Nebraska Liquor Control Board has voted to revoke permanently the licenses of all four Whiteclay liquor stores, after 130 years of continuous operation. The move was roundly applauded in do-gooder and teetotaler circles the state over.


But like with Prohibition, there will certainly be a string of unintended consequences. If other such mommy-knows-best, nanny-state shenanigans, like the drug war, serve as any guide, it will ultimately be the ones supposedly being helped who suffer the most.



Whiteclay, Nebraska has long been one of America’s most unique towns. With an official population ranging between 4 and 12 for most of its 130-year existence, the town has long had only one industry, the provision of alcohol to the residents of the Pine Ridge Oglala Sioux reservation.


But this has come with a host of serious problems. The town has had a reputation for extreme lawlessness since the day the first saloon opened. It has long persisted as a sort of ugly vestige of the American frontier, featuring drunken Natives staggering through the streets, gambling, street fights and drunks passed out by the scores in every area of the town where cars don’t regularly drive, and some where they do.


This Dodge City atmosphere has long attracted the attention of do-gooders of various stripes. Some feel selling alcohol to the Natives itself is immoral. Others decry the human tragedy of passed out drunks littering the frigid winter sidewalks and parking lots. Still others see it as the government’s just role to protect wayward citizens from their own destructive devices.


Yet to what kinds of policies and consequent results these sentiments lead is yet to be seen. It was tried, without much success, during Prohibition. Terry Robbins, the sheriff of Sheridan County, in which Whiteclay is located, thinks that the revocation of the stores’ licenses will lead to a dramatic spike in drunk driving, as Pine Ridge residents simply travel to the next nearest store to get their fix.



The Nebraska State Liquor Board has recently voted to permanently revoke the liquor licenses of all four stores located in Whiteclay, Nebraska. The stores are the source of the town’s only economic activity. With just 12 official residents, Whiteclay will surely be destined to join the ranks of America’s Western ghost towns, should the Board’s decision stand.


However, many opponents of the move have raised questions about the role that the state government has in heavy-handed interference with perfectly legal activity. Andrew Snyder, the lawyer for some of the store owners, has stated that the entire brouhaha is politically motivated, a kind of grandstanding by some politicians playing to their base. He says that, while he understands the legitimate concerns of the town’s critics, regulatory overreach never makes for good public policy.


Snyder points to a few serious issues with the way that the vote was carried out. He contends that the Board violated its own rules in passing the resolution that will eventually see the licenses revoked. He says that the criteria the board used in making its justification for the vote to revoke are only meant to be applied to new applicants for licenses, not existing establishments. He also says that the State of Nebraska will face serious and substantive legal issues if they attempt to close the stores, which have duly operated with a valid license for over 130 years, in one form or another.


Other observers say that the closures would result in increased drunk driving and bootlegging.



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Women are encouraged to find the right type of cosmetics to enhance their looks. There are many different types of make up and cosmetic brands. Some of them are easy to apply and will look natural on the skin. Others will look like there is too much make up even if one has gotten just a little bit on their skin. For those that are looking for something that is very high in quality, Lime Crime is the brand that is worth looking into because of the features of this brand. The creator of the products, Doe Deere, has made sure that she has put together something that customers will enjoy.


One of the best aspects of Lime Crime is the variety of products that are available to the customer. The customers not only get the full range of make up but also get them in unusual colors. This allows customers who are feeling a little adventurous to try on different colors and looks. Customers who want to take an artistic approach to life are going to get the most enjoyment from this brand. Many have come to love the new look that they have been able to achieve with these products.


Even better than the wide variety of products is the set of ingredients that make up the products. The make up of Lime Crime is made from natural ingredients. Therefore, they are safer to put on than the artificially crafted items. They are much better for the skin and higher in quality. These products are fortunately sold at various department stores. They are very inexpensive and work like the make up lines that cost a fortune. This brand has been created with a lot of passion and love for cosmetics and beauty. People who use products from this brand are able to find their own sense of beauty.