Information about the Ubuntu education fund can be found online on a number of different sites. It’s official site has details that explains how people can get involved with these charitable efforts as well as how they can donate. For those who are interested in getting started with a donation, its selective community needs or a regular job that can help support this cause, there is an official site that publishes everything that is going on today about Andrew Rolfe, others and more. Starting with information about the Ubuntu model and how it helps poor children with their education, health issues, and other needs that will assist them in getting out of financial hardships in the future. Other related sites will also address the board of directors and its current members like Andrew Rolfe.

Andrew Rolfe and others can be found on the site Meaning anyone who wants to know who is currently participating from a higher level position, they can review this site to see who all of board of directors are as it relate to the areas in which they currently support.

To support the model that has been presented, people who want to get connected and stay connected can follow up with Unbuntu fund and Andrew Rolf on Facebook, Youtube, Instragram, twitter and the official blog. The official blog and other communication vehicles will give people on the outside of this organization an opportunity to ask questions, contribute to any ongoing dialogue about the organization, and have a chance to review its board or directors like Andrew Rolfe and the like. All of which is essential to making sure everyone involved stays up to date with what is going on, While also making sure those who need the help most will receive the assistance that they need. Additionally, with all of the communication that is being provided via all of the communication tools, people have an opportunity to become familiar with the Ubuntu Education Fund model and any aid that is needed for immediate support. Andrew Rolfe and the Ubuntu Fund community are available online for those who are interested in helping with this cause.

One thing that is established in this world is that people have deeper needs. While they do seek out fulfillment in activities such as partying, they will find that any type of enjoyment gained from these activities are short lived. One of the reasons that they still feel that lack of fulfillment is because their needs are spiritual. They need to look to spiritual things in order to succeed. This is where the Kabbalah Centre comes in. It tries to help people get an understanding of their world and things of the spiritual nature.You can also visit their official website: Click here .

While a lot of people believe that spiritual enlightenment is all about the elated feelings, the more important thing behind spiritual enlightenment is knowledge. When people learn more about what is happening in the spirit realm, then they will not only experience a more comfortable feeling, but they will also experience a much greater understanding that could come from knowing the truth of the spirit realm. Then people will see how to meet their need. The spirit has hunger as well. Therefore, it is up to people to find ways to nourish their spirit. If their spiritual life is struggling, then it is going to have an effect on the other parts of their life as well.

The Kabbalah Centre is a place that displays all of the teachings of the Kabbalah. Therefore, people will be able to know more about what is being taught in this subject. Also, The Kabbalah Centre opens up the information to people who would otherwise be left out of the equation. This is one of the reasons that The Kabbalah Centre is growing in popularity. While there is a lot of information available to people, there are also many teachers that can guide people on how to interpret the knowledge they gain.


A physician that specializes in cardiology provides medical services related to the treatment of the heart, arteries and veins that encompasses the cardiovascular system. Cardiologists treat a variety of conditions related to the cardiovascular system including hypertension, heart disease, heart attacks and heart murmurs. While treatment for ailments of the heart are provided, cardiologists also provide preventative care and diagnosis of heart problems. Physicians specializing in cardiology are able to perform minor surgical procedures to treat the heart.Since heart issues tend to be chronic conditions, cardiologists focus preventative care on reversing the progression of heart conditions.


To prevent heart issues, cardiologists perform physical examinations to evaluate a patients likelihood of having heart problems. In some cases medication will be prescribed, as well as providing exercise, dietary and lifestyle guidelines to improve heart health. To diagnose heart issues, cardiologists use a diagnostic tool called an echocardiogram (ECG). As a specialized physician, cardiologists interpret results of an ECG to determine a patients heart health. Other tests like blood, urine and stress tests are also interpreted by cardiologists. To further diagnose and treat conditions of the heart, cardiologists perform cardiac catheterization tests. These type of specialized test provides cardiologists with an inside video of the heart by inserting a catheter with a micro-camera into a large blood vessel.


Within the field of cardiology, physicians can further specialize in electrophysiology. These specialized cardiologists focus on treating heart rhythm disorders. For patients with an abnormal heart rhythm due to heart disease or aging, a cardiologist performs a surgical procedure to implant a pacemaker. Sometimes if a patients heart rhythm needs to be restarted or corrected an electronic defibrillator is implanted. These specialized services performed by a cardiologist require extensive training and extended education from a physician.


With years worth of experience, Edward Honig provides cardiological services in New York. Residing as a cardiologist at Glen Cove Hospital, Edward Honig gives knowledgeable diagnosis and treatment for an array of cardiovascular conditions. Cardiology physicians acquire a medical degree with a completion of a minimum three year residency program accredited in internal medicine. To be certified in cardiology a physician passes an examination to be board certified in Internal Medicine.


When looking for a cardiologist in New York, Edward Honig also provides preventive care for heart health. Specializing in cardiology resident physicians participate in a minimum of 100 catheterizations and exercise stress tests, 50 ECG tests and performing and interpreting a minimum of 150 case studies. With a cardiologist’s experience in specialized procedures, diagnostic tools and interpretation of studies, Edward Honig gives honest and accurate diagnosis and assessment of heart conditions.


For a patients heart health it’s important to visit a cardiologist for an examination. Even if no symptoms of a heart condition are present, patients with a family history of heart disease have an increased risk for heart conditions. Other factors like high blood pressure and high cholesterol contribute to the risk of heart disease. Diabetes and preeclampsia also increases the likelihood of developing a heart condition. For patients starting a new exercise program, a visit to a cardiologist may be needed to stress test the heart and for recommendation of heart healthy exercises.

That is why, in addition to courses and events, the Kabbalah Center created the Kabbalah Center’s Charitable Foundation. The Foundation is committed to sharing financial and other resources with people in need, as well as creating programs that benefit the local and global community. This is accomplished by identifying urgent needs in the world, and by creating effective responses to these individual circumstances. It is mainly volunteer students from the Kabbalah Center who are responsible for these programs. Volunteering is one of the most powerful ways of using the wisdom and tools of the Kabbalah and putting them into practice. Sharing with others is how miracles manifest in our lives. The Kabbalah is a movement that does not remain motionless. It is an active, living, and constantly growing force. She builds with the efforts and the Light brought by her volunteers. Each individual comes with his or her own magic. If you are interested in bringing your magic to one of our charitable projects, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at your Kabbalah Center. The Centers approach is comprehensive, compassionate and effective and without being hampered by bureaucratic and administrative barriers.

By contemplating of Kabbalah, we figure out how to complete our fate. Now and again we disregard the way that we have not prevailing with regards to fulfilling our fate. This sentiment disappointment overwhelms in majority people sooner or later in their lives. What’s more, shockingly, the more we endeavor to fulfill our fate, the more it breaks us. Satisfying one’s predetermination” does not mean encountering brief bliss or prosperity, for we have all encountered with fugitive moments of satisfaction. The word “Kabbalah” can have many different meanings according to the people who use that term. In a word, it is a very old wisdom that reveals the functioning of life and the universe. In the literal sense, the word Kabbalah means “to receive”.

When we talk about connecting ourselves to the energy that will enable us to accomplish our destiny, we mean that we will be connected to this energy in a sustainable and even permanent way. Kabbalah is a very old and yet entirely new paradigm that teaches us how to live. It teaches us that all areas of our life – health, relationships with others, business – have the same origin and root. It is a technology that explains how the universe works at the fundamental level. This is a totally new way of perceiving the world that can bring you the peace and serenity you may be looking.

As the secretary with The Edwards Realty Company, Tammy Mazzocco brought her real estate career to fruition. The Edwards Reality Company is a commercial real estate firm. While there, Tammy Mazzocco worked under the auspices of Mike Zelnik. In addition, Tammy worked with a team of 9 commercial agents. Mike Zelnik is a renowned and experienced commercial Realtor. Tammy spent the following seven years at Scotland Yard Condominiums as a condominium manager. At the same time, Tammy Mazzocco became a licensed real estate agent. Ken Cook, who is the owner of Cook Realty, advised her to do so, more details can be found on

Ken Cook was integral in teaching and supporting Tammy early in her real estate career. In the years after Scotland Yard, Tammy work for T&R Properties as a multi-site property manager. She was responsible for overseeing for two apartment complexes and an office warehouse complex. By 1998, Tammy became a licensed personal assistant for Joe Armeni. Joe armeni is top RE/MAX producer.

After seeing the day to day operations of an extremely successful real estate agent and developer(aka Joe Armeni), Tammy decided to pursue real estate as a full-time career in 1999. By the summer of 2000, Tammy joined the team at Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington, Ohio. Ever since, Judy Gang has been mentoring, befriending, and inspiring Tammy. Tammy sells residential real estate properties in Franklin, Licking, Delaware, and Fairfield counties in the state of Ohio.

Tammy’s idea to be a real estate agent was not preconceived. In fact, the idea of real estate found her. Tammy’s co-worker was a real estate broker who encouraged her to get a license. She considers real estate to be a passion of hers. A typical day for Tammy begins with light stretching and meditation. Whenever possible, Tammy gets the most important tasks out of the way before she opens emails and gets on the phone. In fact, she time block things that she does not enjoy doing such as prospecting/cold calls and makes herself do them. With practice, things got easy for her and she began to see positive results. Tammy is someone who treats her clients’ time and investment as she would her own. Tammy does not focus on the commission coming at the end of the deal. Instead, she stays in the moment and focuses on the deal and what is best for the client.

Check out her tumblr.


Waiakea Water has launched a contest on social media called #FollowYourFlow. The winner of the contest will receive a round-trip ticket to Oahu, Hawaii, and a 4-day ticket to the Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The social media contest is being run in partnership with Skyscanner.

The round-trip ticket is being provided by Skyscanner and includes up to $1000 in free airfare. Waiakea is a brand of water that is rich in minerals and electrolytes that is naturally alkaline as it is sourced from water that has flown through volcanic rock. The healthy and balanced lifestyle that Waiakea water helps provide its customers is what inspired the contest.

The Wanderlust Yoga Festival runs from February 23rd-26th 2017. The festival will feature world-class yoga instructors and meditation experts. There will also be live music, local and sustainable food on hand, and guided outdoor trips. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Kameron Waters is a renowned yogi who is also active on social media. He said that it is his pleasure to be associated with Skyscanner and Waiakea water Hawaiian Volcanic Water and their sponsorship of the contest. He continued saying that #FollowYourFlow means to him an effortless and timeless state of being, or also known as being “in the zone”. He is excited to be part of the contest.

Entering the contest is easy. To enter, just go to the contest page where you enter your name, birthdate, and email address. The contest runs through January 31st and the winner will be announced on February 1st.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water comes from water and snow that collects on top of the Big Island’s Mauna Loa Volcano. As the water flows down through the mountain it picks up minerals and electrolytes. The water is then collected from Waiakea springs that are completely sustainable.

In addition to supplying healthy water, all Waiakea water packaging is made from 100% recyclables. Waiakea also donates 5% of the company’s profits to social causes. These social causes include The Kama’aha Initiative, Kupu, and INPEACE. These three nonprofits support local community programs in Hawaii as well as providing educational opportunities and environmental stewardship programs.


For most American young people, entering adulthood poses many challenges and thought-provoking questions relative to employment and seeking to embark on a lifestyle of their own; however, for Native Americans these challenges have a far greater impact. Since most recognized Indian reservations are situated west of the Mississippi River, the most popular relocation areas are Phoenix and Los Angeles. As of the 2012 census, approximately one million still reside on a reservation where they are afforded both existence in their tribal nation as well as having constitutional rights granted to naturalized Americans. Remembrance of Shakespeare’s famous words “to be or not to be,” is definitely thought-provoking if the question is ‘to leave or not to leave the reservation.’


Some Reasons to Consider Leaving a Reservation


According to the 2010 Census, 4-to-8 of every 10 Native American adults are unemployed. An estimated 50 percent of these individuals exist beneath the poverty line.


In terms of hygienic conditions, 30 percent of reservation households consist of multi-generational families with 50 percent of these households living without amenities such as running water, electricity or telephones. Despite the fact that Native Americans living on reservations are dependent on Indian Health Services for basic medical care, the majority of reservations have no medical offices or pharmacies outside of the primary healthcare facility.


For Native Americans, life expectancy poses a harsh reality as opposed to that for their fellow American brothers and sisters. Taking into consideration the standard list of health issues ranging from heart disease and diabetes to nutritional issues, 36 percent of Native Americans die prior to age 65 as opposed to 15 percent for their Caucasian counterparts.


While the average American citizen can name at least one or two of the individuals occupying Forbes financial listing “America’s Wealthiest 1%” such as Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, how many can name even one of “America’s Least Affluent 1% ?

The Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s main protest encampment has been evicted, but the battle over the Dakota Access pipeline rages on. According to the Guardian, Storebrand, Norway’s largest private investor, sold off almost $35 million worth of shares in three companies connected to the controversial pipeline. Storebrand specializes in sustainable, socially conscious investing, so it makes sense it would divest from firms tied to the controversial project. Storebrand is just one of a growing number of companies that have pulled funds from the construction of the pipeline, a project that’s garnered headlines around the world.


Drilling has already begun on the 1,172-mile-long Dakota Access pipeline, but the Standing Rock and Cheyenne River Sioux tribes refuse to give up the fight. Storebrand’s actions are seen as a small victory for the local tribes. Whether or not it will be enough to stop the Dakota project or get the pipeline rerouted remains to be seen. Whatever the outcome, Storebrand’s decision to divest funds shows other companies and investors that their bottom line will suffer if they “finance environmentally racist projects.” At the very least, Storebrands’s actions serve as a warning to other private companies, which in turn might deter these sorts of “lightning rod” projects from getting underway in the future.


The Standing Rock Sioux’s tribe’s attempt to halt the Dakota Access project has attracted environmentalists and activists from around the world. Earlier in the year, large protest camps had numerous clashes with law enforcement and private security guards. While the Standing Rock Sioux tribe continues to fight the building of the Dakota Pipeline in federal court, maybe likeminded investors who follow Storefront’s lead will have the biggest impact in halting construction of the pipeline.


A paralyzed man is using his thoughts to control his arms and hands. Using this system, he is able to regain control over the hands that were previously paralyzed. The system works by decoding his thoughts and moving his limbs accordingly. For example, he thought about moving his arm, and it moved. He wanted to eat a pretzel and was able to do it. He was previously in a bike accident which damaged his spine and he was thus unable to move his arms, as his brain could not send signals to his limbs. This new system is an experimental system called BrainGate 2.

In other news, the HPV vaccine can definitely reduce cancers and other diseases caused by the virus, although some people still don’t want to take it. Doctors insist that it is very efficient. The big news is that the CDC has said to actually reduce the doses from three to two. This is because right now, fewer doses work just as well. This is also why it’s becoming more popular these days.

All this is from Clay Siegall’s blog. Clay Siegall has a PhD is and is founder and CEO of Seattle Genetics, which he founded in 1998. According to Bloomberg, he became president of Seattle Genetics in June of the year 2000, and he became CEO in the year 2002. Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics develops drugs and cures for cancer and other illnesses and conducts research to find cures for them. He also enters into strategic licensing alliances with other companies.

Dr. Clay Siegall has a lot of experience in the cancer research community. He worked at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute for a period of around six years before founding Seattle Genetics. Prior to that, he worked at both the National Cancer Institute and the National Institutes of Health for several years.