The alternative investment industry is very important for the economy. We need to solve many problems in the world, and we need the hedge funds and private equity firms to do their job in this area. Keith Mann is working hard to aid this industry as well.

Enterprising Entrepreneur

Keith Mann is an enterprising entrepreneur that has founded Dynamics Search Partners. He is the current management director of this organization. This company sources top-tier talent for this important hedge fund industry these days. Keith Mann is one of the most important persons in the staffing industry for hedge funds these days. He currently works in New York. Keith Mann has also filled thousands of position in the hedge fund industry over the last decade.

Extensive Experience

Since 2001, he has been working hard to meet the need of hedge fund firms. Keith Mann also works hand in hand with some of the most prestigious private equity firms out there. He has an uncanny ability to understand a wide array of details related to executive search. This large view allows Keith Mann get top talent for the alternative investment industry quickly and easily. Keith Mann knows how to create long-lasting partnerships with his clients as they evolve in the alternative investment industry.

Outstanding Talent Sourcing

Dynamics Search Partners is a unique company designed to source the best talent out there for the fast-growing hedge fund industry. They are always on the look out to getting the right man or woman for the right position in this ultra-competitive industry. This firm works hard to forge life-long relationships with their clients so that both can achieve their goal down the road. The firm works hard to create a robust relationship to some of the top companies in the alternative investment world.

As you can see, Keith Mann is a successful entrepreneur who is more than willing to go the extra mile to meet the needs of his clients at all times.

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Talk Fusion is the leader in global video technology solutions. The company is helping to grow businesses around the world. It was established in 2007 by Bob Reina. Talk Fusion was the world’s first instant pay compensation plan and introduced the highest level of ethical business practices. Talk Fusion is heavily involved in community affairs. Their philanthropic policies encourage working with charities and non-profit organizations. This includes getting involved with animal rights activists. Organizational leaders believe that supporting families is crucial to society. Investing in the well-being of others strengthens the business community in which the company operates.

The Business Solutions package is being presented with a 30 day free trial. It will be available in 9 different languages and over 140 countries. The promotion is meant to place the product forward so that consumers can discover what the video marketing team has to offer. Those unfamiliar with video marketing will gain a thorough indication on how essential the concept is to all business practices. It took thousands of hours of hard work two develop a package that was user-friendly and understandable. The trial allows customers to gain the awareness of how effective the technology truly is. Bob Reina wanted to create a method that put the product in the hands of as many people as possible around the world. An intimate experience with the process of video marketing sells the technology in its own way.

Talk Fusion is an easy new way to sign up for a chance to experience this innovative product. The website provides easy-to-use guidelines that assist the customer in becoming familiar with the services. There are special features for free trial users. Once they are signed up the customers will have access to video email, video newsletters, live meetings and sign-up forms. There’s also access to 2016 WebRTC Product of the Year Award-Winning Video Chat. The free trial provides the opportunity to see just how versatile and efficient the system really is. Users are given access to every element of the technology. This helps form the relationship between what the customer needs and how the product can be of assistance. There is also a virtual library that can be used for support and navigating the technology.


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Companies in the US and around the world are opening up to the possibilities available when they open themselves up to diverse view points. The worldwide exchange of ideas and information has provided many avenues for IT professionals to explore. IT professionals are not limited by the “status quo” or the mindset that this is the way we’ve always done things.

John Goullet, Principal of Diversant LLC had a vision in 1994 to start his own IT staffing company called Info Technologies. His work at Info Technologies was very rewarding as he gained experience in the information technology field and learned more about how to customize the customer’s experience. He understood that companies had unique needs in regards to technological and operational tasks.

When John met with the owner of Diversant Inc, Gene Waddy in 2009, he was looking to expand his outreach to a more diverse clientele. Gene’s passion for serving that diverse population and the many innovative solutions his workforce had come up with prodded him to combine forces with him in 2010. The new company would be called Diversant LLC.

Creating opportunities for IT professionals would be one way to serve the communities that needed those services badly. Another way would be to create and build a pipeline of IT experts that could fill in when needed to support a client. Making the connections and forming the business partnerships instead of just providing IT support services is the main difference between Diversant LLC and other IT staffing agencies.

By providing an open atmosphere of collaboration and support, Diversant LLC has garnered the title of top African owned IT staffing firm in the country. IT professionals who are looking for work find support and challenges they won’t find elsewhere.

Everyone at Diversant LLC celebrates diversity because it is through the exchange of ideas and the encouragement of innovative solutions that businesses grow. Emphasizing the diverse and creative ideas also fosters new opportunities for everyone in the community. It also helps drive new trends in information technology and supports everyone in the workplace.

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