In an industry characterized by stiff competition and frequent crises, Todd Lubar continues to soar. The graduate of Syracuse University holds a Bachelor’s degree in Speech Communication. The immensely successful entrepreneur is the founder President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC. After his graduation in 1995, Lubar immediately got into the real estate industry and started working as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While at Crestar, he was exposed to conservative mortgage banking. His capacity to acquire and develop the skills of mortgage origination would prove very beneficial to him in successive ventures. Lubar also worked hard to polish his interpersonal skills while still at the company. By the time he left the company, he had established strong relationships with clients, sales agents, financial planners and insurance agents. These cordial relationships now give him significant business through referrals.

His acquisition of an equity position with Legacy Financial Group gave Lubar an increased capacity to give out loans to outside investors while still serving as a direct mortgage bank. Three years later, Lubar established a real estate firm, Legendary Properties. The firm was dedicated to purchasing of residential properties, rehabilitating them and then selling them at a profit. His venture proved highly successful; not only did Legendary generate revenue from the sale of the renovated house; it was an avenue for Todd Lubar to meet with the stake holders in the building industry including true professionals in the construction sector and leading banking institutions that advance credit facilities to the tune of $20million.

Lubar’s contribution to the Mortgage industry has earned him a spot in the top 25 loan originators for several years now. Besides interests in the real estate industry, he has invested in scrap metal recycling, commercial demolition, and the night clubs. He currently resides in Bethsaida together with his two children.

Many of the major donors to the U.S. Democratic party will attend a meeting in the wake of the shock election victory of Republican Donald Trump in the 2016 Presidential campaign that was planned long before Hillary Clinton’s defeat; George Soros and his fellow donors will meet in Washington D.C. for a three day event that will also see many of the major Democratic political figures give their view of 2016 and the future that lies ahead. Soros himself did not plan to attend the meeting, but changed his mind the morning after the election victory for Trump and was added to the list of speakers for the final day of the event.

The importance of the 2016 election had not been lost on George Soros as he had already looked to play a major role in the campaigning done by Hillary Clinton and supported her campaign with some of the largest donations of the election. In total, the hedge fund billionaire who arrived in New York as a refugee following World War II provided around $25 million in funding for the Clinton campaign and the Super PAC’s who attempted to make her the first female President of the United States.

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Throughout the difficult and often unhappy election campaign the rhetoric of Donald Trump and his fellow Republican nominees was described by George Soros as dangerous and often completed the propaganda work of ISIS for the terrorist group. Soros took the opportunity to back Clinton after he failed to do so during the 2008 election process that led to the election of President Barrack Obama; despite only providing minimal backing for the President in 2012 George Soros hoped to protect the legacy of Obama from being dismantled by a Trump administration determined to repeal the majority of signature laws introduced by the first African American President.

The decision by George Soros to attend the Democracy Alliance meeting came soon after Donald Trump won the vote for the Presidency in what has generally been seen as an anti-establishment vote by U.S. citizens. Soros will attend the meeting with his fellow Democratic minds in a bid to chart a steady course for the future for the party and make sure gains begin to be made at state level as early as the elections in 2017. In the short biography provided for his appearance at the Democracy Alliance event George Soros explained his background facing oppression in Nazi and communist controlled Hungary during his childhood and adolescence that will accompany his appearance to start the battle for the left in a U.S. government dominated by conservative and right wing politicians and strategists.


Clay B. Siegall is a professional scientist, he is also the co-founder of Seattle Genetics and the president Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the company, which was started in the year 1998. Siegall graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. in Zoology and also attained a Ph.D. in Genetics from George Washington University. His expertise and training specific emphasized on cancer therapies. He was awarded in 2013 by the University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural sciences also in the year 2012 Pacific Northwest Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year .He has published over than70 publication and has 15 charters.

Clay Siegall constructed Seattle Genetics due to the basis of the scientific invention, drug advance practices also for the desire to serve patients. Biotechnology is modestly using various microorganisms to do engineering procedures, to create drugs and non-natural hormones. The company provides the finest antibody medicine conjugates (ADC).Clay Siegall and his group work very hard every day to assure that the cancer patients get the top medication they want also leading product Adcetris has been distributed and recognized for over than 60 countries all over the world.

Clay Siegall is confidence and affirmative, and similar medical expansion are using more than 20 ADCs of Seattle Genetic information. The economic rate of the company has hugely improved through the leadership of Clay Siegall. Currently it has reached $ 330 million together in private and public sections. Adcetris the leading company’s product has been used to treat more than 15,000 patients who have Lymphoma worldwide.

Separately from Adcetris , Seattle Genetic Company also has another progression that is used in clinical sections, which comprise of SGN-CD33A for severe myeloid leukemia and SGN-CD19A for non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The outcomes are astonishing so Clay Siegall and the company are more confidence in cancer treatment therapies can improve many patients’ lives. Seattle Genetics has partnered with numerous companies to provide more cancer treatment, hence Clay Siegall links and works with other companies including Mirna Therapeutics, ultragenyx and Alder Biopharmaceuticals as a board of director.

The Midas Legacy, based in Florida, is a company that specializes in research and the development of plans that are ideal to earn their clients success and stability. Among people the company has been working with include investors who are after ideas that can improve their skills at managing wealth and making decisions. They also work with individuals who are looking to achieve peace of mind and general betterment of life.

All the services provided are focused on building a complete package to improve one’s life and are offered by professionals who are highly experienced and informed on matters business and life in general. There are different packages that also include health and relationships that the clients of the company can choose depending on what one wants to solve.

Through helping people to build their lives, The Midas Legacy has earned a reputation and managed to attract clients from across the world. One good thing about seeking the support of the company is that the professionals offer alternative options that can help to resolve issues. Any person looking for overall improvement of life is able to get immediate assistance from experienced professionals who are also trained to handle specific areas.

Financial planning and decision making
Finances are a big deal among many people and very often even experts find themselves in dilemmas after making difficult financial decisions. To make the right decisions, it is advisable to engage a third opinion or an external professional who comes in with additional ideas that can spot mistakes.

The Midas Legacy works with financial management experts like Sean Bower, who also publishes frequently to address the changes that occur in the financial markets. He specifically guides people on retirement planning and helps them to understand the impact of interest rates fluctuations and how the same can affect their retirement plans.

More about the company
The Midas Legacy is a U.S. research company that works with individuals and entities to help them to attain overall success. The company has been working with people looking to make financial decisions by offering them guidance on vital matters that have helped to bring about success and stability. Those looking for peace of mind have a great place to go whenever they need support to solve their problems. From health advice to financial tips, The Midas Legacy has helped hundreds of individuals to achieve the success they have so desired in their lives.

Ken Goodrich, an HVAC Entrepreneur, intends to provide more than 100 employment opportunities in one year at Goettl. Goettl is an air conditioning firm which is aggressively growing in Phoenix, AZ. The company has acquired Moore Air conditioning which is a company that has been in existence for over 50 years. This acquisition is expected to improve the technical expertise of Goettl team having been in operation for more than 300 years.
Goodrich says that the acquisition will help Goettl enhance their commitment to their customers by working with the best technicians in the industry. He added that the highly experienced team from Moore Air Conditioning would strengthen the growth of the company and lead to greater air conditioning services at Las Vegas Valley. The company is prepared to be the best primary provider of residential and commercial air conditioning services across Las Vegas. Goettl is expected to grow its business by 50 percent in 2017 and add more than 100 employees in its operations.
They planned to source technicians through an air condition program from the College of Southern Nevada. Goodrich created an endowment in the institution which formed the J. Duncan Goodrich Air Conditioning Technology Program with a purpose of honoring his father. He is also one of the sponsors of the Kenneth D. Goodrich CSN Post-9/11 Veteran HVAC Employment Program which is focused on creating employment opportunities for veterans. The president of Moore Air Conditioning, Bill Moore said that he believes that Goettl will continue their legacy of providing excellent residential services in the region. He also added that he shares a mutual respect with the Goettl leadership team.
About Goettl Air Conditioning
Goettl Air Conditioning was initially established in 1939 by Adam Goettl and Gust before relocating to Las Vegas in 1968. The company was not performing well and so ended up leaving Southern Nevada in 2007. In 2013 Ken Goodrich bought the Arizona Company and brought it back to his hometown, Las Vegas in the year 2016. Goettl first product began here the same year. Goodrich followed his father’s wise words that he always taught him and applied the knowledge in the new venture. His father would tell him that he should aspire to help and respond to other people’s needs promptly rather than waiting for the convenient for him to do so. By doing the right thing, Goodrich through Goettl has done a magnificent job in providing air conditioning services for residential and commercial buildings in Las Vegas.

Laidlaw is an institution that offers financial solutions to consumers in the UK and US. The organization provides customized guidance on matter concerning wealth and investment banking. Laidlaw & Company currently functions in the United States and the United Kingdom. Its headquarters are found in New York, and it is headed by Mathew Eitner and James Ahern.

Laidlaw and its two principals are known for violating the financial regulations in the US. The financial institution has ruined its reputation in the past, and this has led to numerous customer complaints, monetary penalties, and regulatory sanctions. Many people are beginning to lose their trust in the institution.

Just recently, Relmada Therapeutics, a clinical company in the US decided to file a case at the Nevada District Court against Laidlaw and its two principals. The two companies had a good working relationship, and Laidlaw was the investment banker for Relmada Therapeutics.

After working for several months, the clinical company decided to raise its capital through public funding. As the investment bank for Relmada, Laidlaw was given the responsibility of raising the capital. Relevant documents and information from the clinical company were released to Laidlaw and its principals. However, after the funding activities were completed, Laidlaw decided to claim majority shares in the enterprise. The decision was not taken lightly by the pharmaceutical company.

The lawsuit filed against Laidlaw states that the institution had breached the contract previously signed by the two organizations. This is because Laidlaw has spread confidential and misleading information about Relmada Therapeutics. The investment company failed to comply with the Securities and Exchange Commission regulations. Relmada is now seeking compensation for the losses in incurred after the breach of contract. The Nevada court has already issued a restraining order against Laidlaw and its two principals. If the District Court rules in favor of the clinical company, Laidlaw, and its directors will lose a lot of money.

Clay Siegall is an entrepreneur and scientist. He has a B.S. in Zoology from the University of Maryland and achieved a PhD.D. in Genetics from George Washington his career Clay has attained some awards one of them being the 2013 University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year for Computer, Math and Natural Sciences. Clay Siegall has been in the biotechnology industry for many years and thus achieved so much. He co-founded Seattle Genetic in 1998.He is currently the President, CEO and chairman of the board of members at Seattle Genetic Company.

Biotechnology is simply the use of different microorganisms to conduct certain engineering procedures, to produce drugs and artificial is all about the invention of technology in science. Seattle Genetic is a biotechnology that specifically targets cancer patients. They work on producing the best antibody drug conjugates (ADC). Clay Siegall and his team have worked day in day out to make sure that cancer patients get the best treatment they need to move on. The company’s first product, Adcetris, has been established in more than 60 countries around the world.

Under the positive influence of Clay Siegall, different clinical developments are using over 20 ADCs of Seattle Genetic knowledge. The financial status of the company has also massively increased due to the leadership of Clay has recently hit $330 million in both the public and private sector. Adcetris the company’s first product has so far been used to treat over 15,000 patients suffering from Lymphoma worldwide.

Apart from Adcetris, Seattle Genetic Company has other advancements to be used in clinical programs, they include SGN-CD19A in non-Hodgkin lymphoma and SGN-CD33A in acute myeloid leukemia. The results are progressive, therefore Clay Siegall and The company hopes for much more cancer treating therapies to enhance the lives of the patients. Currently Seattle Genetics has collaborated with related companies to produce more cancer treatment. The companies Clay Siegall joined are Alder Bio-pharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics and Ultragenyx. He is a board of directors of the companies.

The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is a museum located in Indianapolis, Indiana. One woman named Regina Fraser and her friend Pat Johnson recently took a visit to this hidden gem of the Midwest. They were delighted to see that this museum is going strong, and it is all dedicated to Native Americans of the region and of the United States.


As you enter the museum, you will see a large number of bronze sculptures of Whitetail deer that were designed by Kenneth R. Bunn. These sculptures are on the front lawn of the museum. You can also see a big statue of a Blackfoot Indian as you come closer to the building. This was created by artist George Carlson.


The overall architecture of the museum is breathtaking, and you enter through wooden arches. In the Midwest of the United States, it is the only one of its kind. As you enter the museum, you will notice that there are three basic collections to choose from, or you can see all of them!


First, there is a contemporary art collection, and this has pieces of art that were created by Native American cultures throughout the United States in modern times. You can also see the historic Native American collection, which is a general collection of history and artifacts. Finally, there is the western collection of works from the 1820s to the present.


Many of the pieces that you will find here are headbands, addresses, beaded purses, paintings and pieces of jewelry. All of them were handmade by experts and by real Native Americans or their descendants today. If you are in the Indianapolis region of Indiana and would like to see this beautiful museum, it is highly recommended.

May people are familiar with food from different parts of the world. For example, who hasn’t enjoyed Mexican or Italian food? In fact, it is exceedingly common to find restaurants dedicated to serving a certain ethic food. However, did you ever think about a type of ethnic cuisine that has been left out? For example, have you ever seen a Native American themed restaurant or cookbook? Many people haven’t. Thankfully, a chef named Sean Sherman is starting to change that.


Sherman recently hosted a reporter in North Dakota. Here, Sherman braised rabbit with spruce tips. He also placed chaga, a fungus found on birch trees, in warm hazelnut milk. These are recipes from Native Americans who lived in the American Midwest. To many people, this might seem surprising. For example, many people mistakenly believed Native American food consists of fried dough. However, Sherman explains that type of cuisine came about after Native Americans were relocated to reservations. Here, lard and flour were plentiful, and the Native Americans adapted their cuisine to fit their new food supply.


It has taken Sherman a considerable amount of effort to track down ancient recipes. He has used a mixture of oral recipes from the elderly and texts about Native American farming habits that were written over a hundred years ago. The results have been rewarding. For example, many people who embrace Paleo diets are excited about Sherman’s work. Also, Native Americans are excited to showcase their native recipes. In fact, Sherman hopes to open up a restaurant at some point that exclusively serves the Native American cuisine he is diligently trying to replicate. Hopefully, diners and historians everywhere will be pleased.



Skin Care products are some of the popular items on the market today. Unfortunately many skincare lines only appeal to a certain demographic. People of color have less choices, but are some of the most eclectic people on the planet. Coming in various hues, one universal product won’t cut it for people of color and that’s where Makari stands out from the competition.

Makari De Suisse is a luxurious line of skincare and make-up products that has taken the world by storm. Makari shuns the dangerous ingredients of the industry and gives it’s users natural ingredients that are found in nature. Since your skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s only right to feed it with healthy nutrients. Makari products are loaded with the essentials such as carrot oil, caviar, vitamins, minerals, and argon oil. These natural ingredients feed the skin and helps to clear dark spots, acne, and stretch marks. One of the biggest benefits is that it naturally cleans and brightens the skin’s surface for a much more natural lighter appearance. Individuals no longer have to suffer from embarrassing marks or skin discoloration as this high quality brand’s end goal is to give it’s customers a more perfect skin tone.

Did you know that the Makari product line is manufactured in Switzerland? That’s right! Switzerland has some of the best and toughest standards of any country. Scientific and technical scrutiny is a must in this business and the Makari product line passes all with flying colors. Some of the biggest cities in the world have private locations for selling the products, but with such popular demand, the brand is now available in many local beauty stores. That means that whether you’re in a small town, metro area, or suburbia; these products shouldn’t be too hard to purchase. The brand’s products naturally lighten and softens the skin without the use of dangerous chemicals. Some of it’s most popular skin lightening products to date are:

Beuatifying Whitening Milk
Caviar Lightneing Serum
Day Lightening Cream
Exclusive Soaps

For the best in natural skincare health, Makari De Suisse stands out in a crowd and are head and shoulders above the competition.