A recently issued press release describes New Zealand as a tax haven. However, based on features of a tax haven, New Zealand does not qualify as one. The media coverage purports that New Zealand is somehow a tax haven due to its sophisticated banking sector and wealthy people. The 2002 OECD Tax Model maintains that New Zealand is not a tax haven because its banking sector is highly transparent and does not impose nominal taxes. Furthermore, its tax model allows the exchange of information across countries.

Upon the approval of the 2002 OECD Tax Model, the international sharing of information across countries to enforce domestic laws is enhanced. New Zealand ranked first on OECD’s list of the countries that subscribes to the principles embodied in the internationally agreed tax standard.

In a move to strengthen New Zealand’s tax transparency model, Michael Cullen introduced new tax rules. Under the new regime, trustees of a foreign trust must subject to the IRD and submit the IR607 form. They should also maintain records of their financial transactions including their trust deed, the value of the assets and liabilities, records of trust settlement, and the amount of money spent and received by the trustee. New Zealand’s authority requires all documents to be written in English, failure to which attracts hefty penalties.

About Cone Marshall

Cone Marshall is New Zealand’s leadingt global-scale firm specializing in trust and tax laws. With its headquarters located in Auckland, Cone Marshall was founded in 1999 by Marshall and Cone. Before founding Cone Marshall, Karen worked as London’s Commercial Litigation department advisor for almost ten years. Besides, Karen Marshall leverages her extensive expertise in trusts management to advise statutory trustee companies in the U.K. Conversely, as one of the Best Tax Lawyers in New Zealand, Geoffrey Cone is an expert in global-scale trusts and tax planning.

Even as claims that New Zealand is a tax haven surfaces, Mr. Cone discredits the notion stating that New Zealand is a subscriber to the principles of the approved tax model. Mr. Cone attributes the recent increase in New Zealand’s foreign trusts to the country’s stature as a secure, politically stable place to base one’s assets. Even as New Zealand experiences increase in foreign trusts, Cone Marshall commits to strengthening the country’s tax transparency model. Cone Marshall’s legal experts adhere to the principles of transparency in trusts and taxation and provide reliable and affordable advice regarding the global taxation standards.

Residents of California’s southern city San Bernardino recently celebrated the 21st Annual San Manuel Pow Wow. This pow wow is dedicated to honoring the culture of local Native American tribes with song, dance, and artistry.


This year’s pow wow was held at the Cal State San Bernardino campus. While the organizers hope everyone will have a fun time at these events, they also hope that people from other cultures will learn about the rich history of the Native Americans that lived in southern California for many centuries.


The main Native American tribe that developed around San Bernardino Mountains was a part of the Serrano people and spoke a dialect of the Serrano language. Today, this particular tribe is officially recognized as the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.


Many Native Americans from both the USA and Canada traveled to take part in this event. They told reporters that they never miss an opportunity to honor their shared ancestral heritage. Although focusing on the customs of local tribes, this pow wow tends to bring all Native Americans together in celebration.


San Manuel tribe members began the festivities by performing traditional bird songs. Members of other Native American tribes, like the Pala and Fort Mojave tribes, contributed to this festival by performing traditional dances.


In addition to the dances and songs, guests could also take a look at many traditional Native American arts and crafts. People who came to visit this festival were stunned by the sheer beauty and power of Native American art.




From New York City and Washington, D.C., to the smallest town in America, we all pause on July 4th for Independence Day celebrations to honor the founding and continued progress of life in the United States of America. All across America, attendees at these celebrations include Native Americans; however, in a recent Huffington Post article penned by Claire Fallon not only do the majority of non-Native Americans never attend any of the celebrations held by their Indian brothers and sisters, many don’t even realize these gatherings exist.


In the Native American culture, these gatherings are traditionally known as Pow Wows. Webster’s Dictionary defines “pow wow” as a social get-together.


To quote Ms. Fallon, “Native American culture isn’t in the past—it’s vibrantly in the present.” In the spring of 2016, Albuquerque, New Mexico was the venue for the 33rd Gathering of Nations. While attendees at this gala probably include some non-Native Americans, it is estimated that members of some 700 tribes from all across America and around the globe gathered to share singing, dancing, consuming tons of tasty foods and other cultural traditions with their non-Native American brothers and sisters.


Gathering of Nations first occurred in 1983 at the University of Albuquerque under the auspices of Derek Mathews whose overall goal was to apprise non-Native Americans as well as mankind around the globe that Native Americans are more than bare-chested men sporting feathers around their heads as depicted in the old American western film genre.



The increase in demand for hedge fund management services has attracted many new entrants into the industry. Standing out from the crowd and giving a specialized service that nobody else provides is a challenge. Sam Tabar has stood out based on his skills as an attorney and capital strategist.


Sam Tabar has spent most of his career in fund management. He graduated from the Columbia Law School in 2001. Since then, he has become an authority in spotting lucrative hedge fund investment opportunities for his clients.


Sam’s tenure at Merrill Lynch, where he was Director of Capital Strategy, is where he built his reputation as a strategist and hedge fund manager. His achievements included providing fund managers with links to institutional investors. These institutional investors, which included pensions, family offices, endowment funds and foundations, proved to be a lucrative source of funding. Sam was also instrumental in the reorganization of the back and front office teams to support the overall company goals.


In December 2015, FullCycle Energy Fund made the decision to have Sam on their team. He was appointed Chief Operations Officer. Sam Tabar brings his law and business experience to FullCycle. He has been given the task of handling the company’s fund management strategy.


FullCycle Energy was founded in 2013. It finances projects around the world that support its mission of moving away from expensive and polluting fuels to clean and environmentally friendly fuels. FullCycle invests in electric generating plants that use Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) as fuel. This company aims to see communities around the world powered by clean and valuable fuels.


Given Sam’s previous experience, FullCycle has made the right play. In the past, Sam has always made sure that his client’s investments are invested safely and properly, and yield good returns.


He now has the task of coming up with a funding strategy for a company that intends to have a positive impact on the environment and the society. All executives should take this direction when their careers are at their peak; giving back to the community.  Also, be sure to learn more about Sam by following him on social media.

International expansion will allow Securus Technologies to remain one of the largest growing network provides in the industry on a global scale. They set out an initiative to expand their business and have done a great job by partnering with Building International Communications (BICIS). They are proud partners of a larger network of eleven sister companies that train IT professionals in communication and safety. Their top priority is serving the growing demand of inmate calls. PRN News has announced that they will continue to provide the highest standard of customer service excellency in inmates calls withe the merger.

Securus is no stranger to partnership with a recent merger with video giant Vimeo joining their team and JPay Services. They know that a partnership will allow their company to provide extended features that will save them time and a commute to a correctional facility. Securus is responsible for processing billions of inmates calls and are required by the Public Utility Commission to monitor, investigate, and protect the general public. Securus secures your inmate calls and makes them affordable for inmates and their families. You can become a member with a hassle free registration process available on the Securus Technologies website.

Securus Technologies Features

They have been proudly serving the community for over 30 years and provides services that include video chat, inmate voicemail, prepaid services, and more. Securus functions on a daily basis as one of the leading network providers in the industry. They are committed to bringing inmates and their families calling features and services over a secure network. Join Securus Technologies for more details today.