For almost 150 years, the town of Whiteclay, Nebraska has been the primary source of alcohol for the residents of the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Reservation. The reservation has been dry, completely banning the sale of alcohol, since its establishment in the 1870s. The town of Whiteclay quickly sprang up, just a few miles south of the reservation’s border, as a watering hole for thirsty Natives who craved the beer they couldn’t buy in their home territory.


That situations persisted through the entire 20th century. But on May 1 of this year, it all came to an end. The Nebraska Liquor Control Board unanimously voted in April to deny renewal of the licenses that the four beer stores of Whiteclay need to continue to legally sell alcohol. This order went into effect on May 1, when convoys of beer trucks descended on the town, hauling away the shelf-loads of unsold beer that the stores were unable to move prior to the date their license was revoked.


But the store owners have vowed to fight until the bitter end. A lawyer representing the four store owners has filed a petition with the Nebraska Court of Appeals to issue a stay. The state Attorney General filed a counter suit and was able to keep the stores shut, for now. But many experts think that the chances of the stores closing for good are not particularly high. They say that the store owners have a strong claim that the Liquor Board has treated them in an unfair, discriminatory way.


Long a source of controversy for groups ranging from Native activists to church groups, Whiteclay, Nebraska has finally had its sole industry shuttered. The town had long served as the primary source of alcohol for the residents of the nearby Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux reservation. The entire reservation has banned alcohol sales since the 19th century.


However, the closing of the four beer stores, which collectively sold over 3.5 million cans of beer each year, has left many people with questions as to what will come next. Not everyone was happy with the decision by the Nebraska Liquor Control Board to shut the stores down for good, a decision that was put into effect in late April, when the board declined to renew the licenses of the four stores authorized to operate in the town.


Terry Robbin is the sheriff of Sheridan County, the county in which Whiteclay is located. He has predicted that the closure of the stores will do little but increase the number of miles driven while drunk within his county. Unfortunately, early signs after the closures have borne those predictions out.


The day the stores closed, May 1, a large group of counselors was on scene to help any customers who may have found themselves unable to cope with the sudden removal of their alcohol supply. But the workers found no one there. This was accompanied by a sharp increase in the amount of traffic in the liquor stores of Rushville, Nebraska, located 21 miles south of the Pine Ridge Reservation.



The government made it known that it is planning to enter a concession with BNDES. In a recent interview, the President of Trata Brasil, Edison Carlos pointed out a number of points regarding the initiative. He strongly believes that the services that will be offered here will be improved regarding structure, resources, and management. Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure project specialist, also raised the issue of the need to decrease the level of the wastes during the interview.


BNDES will strive to come up with customized action plans to help the states in which it operates. The plan will be based on the survey results of the situation of the different locations. Edison explains that with the survey results, the bank will be able to accomplish the project by addressing the needs of each of these states. Loss of water is one of the issues that the project will aim to address.


Edison advises that when entering into partnerships that involve concessions the goals should be made clear at the time when the contract is being drafted. Adoption inspections should also be done by the various public agencies involved. The activities presented during the concessions have to be fulfilled in their entirety.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens has served in several premier companies. He is currently the CEO of Energipar Captação S.A. He is also the chairperson of Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A. From April 2010 to August 2013, he was the Director of Braskem S.A. Mr. Jens has also served as the Director of Concesionaria Trasvase Olmos S.A.


The educational background of Felipe Montoro Jens is a colorful one. He acquired a B.A. from from Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV). In addition, he also has a postgraduate degree in international management which he received from Thunderbird.

The city of Osasco, in the Sao Paulo region of Brazil, is one of Southern Brazil’s largest and most important metropolises. With a population of nearly 700,000, it has the 9th largest gross metropolitan product of any of Brazil’s major cities and is one of the most important economic centers of the country’s southern region.


Osasco is also among the most densely populated cities in the world. The Brazilian penchant for vertical development is on full display in the city, with towering, modern skyscrapers as far as the eye can see.


But Osasco has also gained a reputation for inefficient and somewhat corrupt governance over the years. With the implementation of e-governe, these things will be consigned to ancient history. E-governe promises to take the city’s governance into the 21st century, finally fulfilling the city’s massive potential to become a first-world, developed metropolis.



E-governe automates the bad right out of governments


There are fields where great creativity and a lax adherence to the rules are high virtues. Governance isn’t one of them. One of the things that repels so many from a career of civil service is the sheer boredom and repetition of it. But boredom and repetition is often a direct consequence of good governance. It is the creative rule-breakers who have a tendency to lead government astray.


That is why systems like e-governe are transforming the ways in which government operates. By removing the opportunities for protocol violations, creative accounting and other often nefarious activities, e-governe ensures that the taxpayers are getting what they paid for, honest and straightforward government services.


To this end, e-governe created its Financiero platform, a system dedicated to removing all the guesswork from budget formation, payroll and accounting. In fact, the system can actually remove a great deal of repetition. Through the extensive automation of accounting and other tasks that would have previously fallen on the shoulders of bureaucratic paper-pushers, e-govern frees government employees up for doing what they’re typically best at, serving their constituents. At the same time, e-governe can save even small municipalities millions of dollars in payroll, through eliminating menial tasks associated with accounting, compliance and payroll.


E-governe also aids in the often contentious and labor-intensive tasks involved with drawing up budgets. With limited municipal budgets, everyone wants a piece of the pie. E-governe allows for real time conferencing, with powerful analytics, charts and graphs, which can aid all stakeholders in arriving at a budget that everyone can live with. And unlike the ways in which most budgets have been drawn up, these processes are available within the e-governe platform itself. This system is proven to reduce budget formation by hundreds or even thousands of man-hours. It also vastly increases transparency, making all stakeholders more likely to feel as if they’re getting a fair shake.


The e-governe Financiero platform also has many automated compliance and security features. These make corruption and graft nearly impossible, discouraging the worst abuses and enabling easy discovery of any perpetrators who may pilfer the public purse.

Lime Crime is a vibrantly pigmented beauty line founded by creator and CEO Doe Deere in 2008. The beauty line is largely focused on online sales, however, it is slowly branching out to stores.

Lime Crime is a vegan friendly make-up line that is certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny and PETA. Cruelty free means there is no testing on animals and there are no animal byproducts used in any of their products. Followers of the brand are considered ‘unicorns’ by CEO Doe Deere. This is because the people who embrace and wear her brand are truly unique individuals who stay true to themselves.

The line is set apart by its bright pigments and vibrant colors. It is reminiscent of the fantastical and magical. Lime Crime is responsible for the trending liquid-to-matte lipstick, which they have available in a bright red called “Psycho” to a dark mustard yellow called “Squash”. Metallic liquid-to-matte lipsticks (velvetines) are also available.

Their latest product branches into hair care. Unicorn hair dye comes in 16 shades aimed at allowing an individual to express themselves through hair color. The shades range from a bright pink, “Strawberry Jam”, to a vibrant green called “Jello.” Metallic pop on nails are available, as well as two brightly hued eye-shadow palettes. They also provide bundles of certain products. For instance, the Diamond Crusher product is a glittery makeup that can be used over top of their matte lipstick- this is available in a bundle where you can purchase all six colors at one time. There is also a velvetine bundle that bundles 5 matte lipsticks together- the particular bundle advertised is available with their nude hues.

The online cult favorite make-up line has presented individuals with an avenue to play, create new looks, and use vibrant make-up and colors to express themselves and their individuality. This brand has revolutionized how its followers buy make-up, as well as how they use make-up to express their unique look.


In a recent interview, Felipe Montoro Jens mentioned that Brazil’s BNDES programs generated concessions are a continual debate as initiatives are often well-received by its water sector. The Brazilian government had previously announced such concessions through partnering with the BNDES. Edison Carlos, the President of Tata Brazil, was interviewed by Jens. During the interview, Carlos mentioned numerous important points about the new initiative, affirming that any services provided would further undergo improvements in management, structural resources and more.


The decreasing sliding waste levels were another top factor considered by Jens as he asked Carlos about his stance on the matter. Carlos mentioned that Brazil’s basic sanitation is mostly performed by public power. In addition, more than half of all users within the area are serviced through organizations of each respective state. For Carlos, thus, the private initiative’s presence offers no valid reason for excluding the public’s as any forms of management may work better when in conjunction. Thus, government bodies may have a vital importance in leveraging partnerships and joining forces with other companies to achieve more for Brazil than was ever thought possible.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a man truly skilled and with many years of experience in numerous divisions. He has truly seen the world and lived to tell the tale in his business endeavors. He knows of finance. He knows of real estate.


He has specialized in oil and gas. He understands water and sewage treatment solutions. He’s an expert in defense and technology. He has even utilized infrastructure concessions in Latham as well as renewable energy generation efforts through multiple past projects.

The portrayal of Native Americans in film and television during former eras generated considerable controversy. Many critics complained past Hollywood productions often tended to rely heavily upon stereotypes. Recently, actors and actresses of Native American ancestry have begun to achieve wider popular recognition and, to some extent perhaps, fewer typecast roles.


Actor Pierce Brosnan, born in Ireland, captured headlines last month when he vehemently denied rumors he would play Cable in Deadpool 2. Perhaps a less splashy yet equally interesting story concerns the television production in which the actor currently stars. Well known for his portrayal of 007 in films, Pierce Brosnan now appears as the lead in the new AMC series The Son. The drama revolves around Eli McCullough, the tough (and frequently cruel) Texas patriarch of a ranch in South Texas in 1910.


Flashbacks carry forward a second major story line in which the Comanche capture young Eli in 1849. He lives among the tribe as the adopted son of Toshaway, played by Zahn McClarnon.


Of mixed Lakota Sioux and Irish heritage, veteran actor Zahn McClarnon spent time studying the Comanche language in order to depict a Comanche war chief more accurately. The Son features a talented cast. The drama avoids comfortable stereotypes by addressing some harsh aspects of life in a Comanche village during the mid 1800s directly, including slavery and the torture of war captives. By describing three-dimensional Native American characters, it represents a different variety of Western.


As one of the leading non-profit organizations dedicated to improving the quality of lives of South Africans living within the Greater Port Elizabeth, Ubuntu Fund had to endure years of financial uncertainties and operational restrictions due to the influence of their financial donors. Since most of the donors released their financial donations on a yearly basis, Ubuntu Fund and other non-governmental had to contend to project closure or suspension as they had to reapply for the grants to finance the projects. In some cases, Ubuntu Fund management had to contend with donors who had restrictions on what projects their donations can be used to finance. Moreover, their operational efficiency especially when it comes to decision making were inhibited by the various representatives appointed by these benefactors to represent their interests on the board of management of these charitable organizations.

However, the management of Ubuntu Fund headed by the chairman of its board of management, Andrew Wolfe, adopted a new model of operation. Christened the Ubuntu model, the new approach restricts the influence donors can have on Ubuntu’s operations. The new model gives Ubuntu the operational autonomy to decide how to spend the money donated. Therefore, it does not receive donations from entities with restrictions on how their funds are spent. This is because such restrictions disrupt the organization’s ability to meets its operational objectives. It is a policy that Andrew Rolfe, the management board chairman, has actively championed for since his appointment.

Ubuntu Fund: Towards Management Inclusivity

Ubuntu Fund was founded by Jacob Lief with the primary objective of improving the lives of the needy. Towards this end, the organization adopted an unprecedented approach to its operations: operational autonomy. This allows them to make key decisions independently without the influence of their donors. Additionally, the non-profit organization employs an inclusivity approach to its management where their main donors can appoint a representative to its board of management. Since these representatives such as Andrew Rolfe are experienced professionals in various fields, they play a critical role in the organization’s success. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the organization’s management. Andrew Rolfe and other board members are experienced in some of the key areas Ubuntu Fund focuses on including education and diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Anthony Toma, CEO of Nine9 called The Unagency has changed the way models and actors are marketed in the industry. He has owned and operated businesses in the retail industry and entertainment industry. The idea came when he found a franchise that focused on modeling and acting. He purchased the franchise located in Orlando Florida.

Eventually he owned 26 franchises across the US for modeling and acting. The franchise went under and he developed his own business through Coral Reef Productions. It now does business as Nine9.

He brings his ideas to life by first writing them down than presenting them to his team. They discuss their ideas and often put them online to test on the public. Anthony thinks one trait that helps him succeed in his ability to listen to other people.

Nine9 strives to treat all their talent with respect and kindness. Their staff works to develop relationships and offer them every tool or opportunity to succeed in a very competitive business. The provide clients with nationwide access to casting calls, and auditions. They can meet with industry leaders at monthly meetings and workshops. They also provide a database of talent for the industry to search through.

The staff has over 10 years experience and uses the latest technology to help models and actor find work. It is a commission free environment and models and actors are placed due to the staff working together. Their casting recognition software matches actors and models with casting calls suited to their talents and more information click here.

Anthony Toma says that failure that taught him how to succeed. When you fail he says you learn from your mistakes and when you quit than you are a failure. He claims that what helped Nine9 become a success was installing and EOS system. This is a Entrepreurial Operating System and Nine9’s lacrosse camp.

This system helped their staff to focus on the strengths of our models, actors, and staff. It helps us avoid putting anyone in a comprising or bad situation. We don’t send out anyone on a casting call that is a bad fit. For Nine9 agency he finds Facebook and Instagram good marketing tools to use. It helps them with networking and keeping appointments.

Anthony Toma summarized his success with Nine9 with this statement. The major reason for his success is because he is surrounded by a great team that he can rely on every day and what Nine9 knows.


Greg Secker is an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. He has also established various start-ups throughout his career, some of which are performing well in the global market. Secker has mentored various businesspeople through his seminars and international talks.


An interview with Ideamensch


In his recent interview with Ideamensch, Secker told the media that the idea of developing a platform to teach people about foreign trade came from his desire to inspire people to invest in international trade. As a businessman, Greg Secker has a habit of giving himself time to think about every idea that he comes across before implementing it. Being a published author, he encourages people to read as many books as they can so as to expand their scope of knowledge. Secker looks up to executives like Gary Vaynerchuk.


About Greg Secker


Secker is a British businessman and an alma mater of the distinguished University of Nottingham. Secker specializes in matters associated with foreign exchange and foreign trading. Secker is also a prominent author who has over the years published some of the best-selling books. Among his published works includes “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Success,” “Trading Your Way to Success,” and “Financial Freedom through Forex.” He initiated his career as a forex trader in 2003 after retiring from the Mellon Financial Corporation. Before joining this company, he worked at Thomas Cook Financial Services where he developed a Virtual Trading Desk and won the British Telecom Award for Innovation due to his outstanding innovation abilities.


His first office was situated in his living room, and this is where he began mentoring people about foreign exchange. It was while working out of his house that he established the Knowledge to Action Group. Five years later, Secker started traveling around the world, hosting conferences in countries such as New Zealand, Ghana, Philippines, and Australia. His venture established the Knowledge to Action Group, which has since received recognition and was named the finalist in the growth and innovation category for the 2009 National Business Awards. Secker has helped set up other companies, including Capital Index, Learn To Trade, Smart Charts Software, and FX Capital. Secker is also a recognized philanthropist and the initiator of The Greg Secker Foundation. Secker is a renowned speaker and has spoken of various platforms including the Excel London Exhibition Centre.